GOVERNANCE: Inspiring Trust and Confidence in Our Stakeholders

At CDW, we understand that integrity, trust and good corporate governance matter to all our stakeholders. The CDW Way Code reinforces our commitment to adhere to the highest ethical standards. By ensuring smart governance and ethics and compliance practices, we continue to earn the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, which enables us to create long-term shareholder value. Visit our Investor Relations page for more information on our Corporate Governance practices. 

Learn more starting on page 64 of our 2021 ESG report.


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Oversight of CDW’s ESG Programs and Policies

CDW’s commitment to sustainable performance is evident across our organization, starting at the Board level, with the Nominating and Corporate Governance having oversight responsibility for our ESG programs and policies. It cascades to our executive team, leaders at all levels and subject matter experts. The engagement is far-reaching, encompassing a wide variety of functions, all locations and geographies, our 13,900 coworkers, and extending to our external stakeholders such as investors, partners and communities.

  • Our ESG Steering Committee is a cross-functional group of senior executives charged with setting the strategic direction, priorities and goals for the ESG program at CDW.
  • The ESG Core Team develops and executes against CDW’s ESG strategic framework by 1) Aligning our ESG efforts with stakeholder expectations and our business priorities; 2) Helping to ensure ESG considerations are embedded within our business; and 3) Effectively communicating our ESG message to stakeholders.
  • The ESG Working Group consists of cross-functional subject matter experts who are responsible for driving ongoing implementation of key ESG initiatives.

Ethics and Integrity: Maintaining Stakeholder Trust

We understand the level of trust that our coworkers, shareholders, customers, vendor partners, communities, and other stakeholders place in us, and we accept our responsibility for maintaining that trust. Our ethics and compliance program is built around our efforts to guard and protect that trust, while ensuring that we adhere to The CDW Way Code and follow all legal and regulatory requirements.

We have controls in place for CDW coworkers and outside partners to report and address concerns. Our Ethics Helpline can be used to confidentially ask questions, seek advice and/or report possible violations. The Helpline is operated by an independent third party, can be accessed by phone or online, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Data Privacy and Information Security

The respect and protection of information assets for our business, coworkers, customers and partners is one of our most important responsibilities. It is essential to our business and the trust we seek to maintain with all our stakeholders, and it is the reason why we maintain robust data privacy and information security programs and strategies.

Our data privacy and information security strategies are codified through comprehensive global policies and related procedures and requirements, all of which are aligned with CDW’s enterprise risk management program.

In 2021, we built on our approach to continuously strengthening data privacy and information security at CDW. Notably, this included reorganizing our related information security roles across the globe under the Office of our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to form one Global Information Technology (IT) Governance, Risk and Compliance team. This team is focused on four critical areas: Risk Management, Compliance, Cybersecurity and Governance