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CDW’s ESG Strength Reflected in Recent Ranking

CDW has been ranked 11th of Nasdaq 100 companies for its ESG reputation. The recent results, published as part of the 2022 RepTrak Nasdaq 100 ESG rankings, reflect strong public perception for CDW’s ESG efforts.                          

In determining its rankings, RepTrak utilized a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to analyze millions of perception and sentiment data points from online surveys, mainstream media, social media, business data, and other third-party sources. For additional details, including the full rankings and research methodology, click here.

“CDW’s commitment to sustainable and socially responsible technology implementation is far-reaching – it’s apparent in what we offer, how we serve our customers, how we work with our vendor partners, and how we engage in our communities,” said Suzette Carty, head of global ESG for CDW. “There are so many stakeholders who are engaged in CDW’s ESG journey and recognitions like this are a real testament to the team’s collective efforts.”

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