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Nonprofit Technology Solutions

Your nonprofit organization works tirelessly to achieve its mission, often with limited staff and resources. It’s important to consider how a strong technology strategy can help you achieve your goals and aid in fundraising initiatives.  No matter your budget, CDW’s dedicated nonprofit team can help you bolster fundraising and expand your organization’s impact.

Nonprofit Fundraising Technology

Every mission is unique. CDW’s nonprofit specialists can help you overcome the challenges of limited staff and resources and design IT that aids your mission and bolsters your fundraising efforts.

Data Analytics

Data analytics and business intelligence tools help nonprofits work smarter, not harder. The right analytics platform can create actionable insights for your research and budget planning.

Professional Services That Help You Serve

Legacy systems and tools can crash, making potential donors less likely to be able to donate. Our professional services team can recommend the right solution for your growth.

Discounted Nonprofit Pricing

We understand how important it is to keep your IT overhead low and we work to secure nonprofit-only discounts from our top partners. We also offer assessments of your security practices that help you save on operational costs.

To help guide nonprofits. from a technology perspective, we’ve pulled together this quiz, which asks some essential questions about IT planning.

Security for Your Nonprofit

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Security for Your Nonprofit

Big donors can make nonprofits a big target for cybercriminals. Now more than ever, it is imperative to protect donors’ data and maintain their trust. In order to accomplish this goal, start by laying a strong cybersecurity foundation. Our experts offer comprehensive security assessments— including penetration testing — that help nonprofits address unique vulnerabilities in their networks and maintain security compliance when processing financial transactions from benefactors.

CDW solution architects can assess your organization’s risk management strategy and build a custom, end-to-end solution that safeguards all touchpoints on your network – including field staff mobile devices, on-premises data and cloud resources.

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