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The Unified Security and Observability Platform

Splunk helps build a safer and more resilient digital world. Organizations trust Splunk to prevent security, infrastructure and application issues from becoming major incidents, absorb shocks from digital disruptions and accelerate digital transformation.

Bring Data to Every Part of Your Organization

A scalable and reliable data platform for investigating, monitoring, analyzing and acting on your data.


Cutting through the complexity to learn what your systems, services and apps are really doing.


Global research: How leading organizations engage the entire business to build resilience.


Detect, investigate and diagnose problems easily with end-to-end observability.

AI and Machine Learning

Unlock new potential with Splunk AI. Bring comprehensive context and interpretation, rapid event detection and greater productivity with human-assisted automation to your SecOps, ITOps and engineering teams. Address your daily use cases with powerful AI integrated into everyday workflows.

AI and Machine Learning in Your Organization

As more data is generated, it’s increasingly critical for organizations to use machine learning to harness their data and get ahead of the competition.

Prevent Data Downtime with Machine Learning

The average data practitioner spends 40 to 80% of their time validating data quality issues. Prevent data downtime with Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Strategy

Learn how leading organizations use Machine Learning to gain insights from their data.

The Unified Security and Observability Platform

The Splunk platform provides unified solutions for security and observability on a unified platform, powered by Splunk AI. 

It's a scalable platform that enables organizations to effectively manage and use data from the complex tech landscape across SecOps, ITOps and engineering use cases.

Splunk Unified Security and Observability Platform

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