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With decades of experience working with oil, gas and utility companies, we empower your IT organization while you power the world.

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Companies in the oil and gas industry and the power and utilities sector face unique technology challenges. Whether your organization needs a strategy for tackling security threats or IT equipment that can withstand the harshest environments, our technology experts can help.

From configuration and deployment to onsite assessments and security audits, we tailor our services to your specific needs. And when you work with us, you get access to account managers, solution architects and certified engineers who understand the nuances of the energy and utilities industry.

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Testimonials from Our Energy Customers

Our relationship with the CDW team is integral to our operations. They understand our IT infrastructure and our challenges, whether it’s integrating with emerging technologies, capitalizing on data analytics, building a business case for technology investment or reducing our licensing costs — which they helped us lower by 55%.

Mario Martinez, Network Engineering Manager, Linn Energy

I must say that CDW has always provided competitive pricing and excellent customer service that just cannot be found anywhere else. [Our account manager] has been more than accommodating when it comes to researching products and providing top-notch solutions for our ever-growing technology needs. He continually surprises us with additional options that we may have overlooked. If he doesn't have the answer, he stops at nothing to obtain it. We look forward to working with CDW for many years to come!

IT Administrator, Municipal Utilities Provider


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 IT Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Energy providers face unique challenges. Our experts can help you tackle them.

protecting IT resources
You Need Security

Energy companies are a prime target for security breaches and face myriad serious threats, from individual hackers to foreign governments. The consequences of a security incident can be disastrous for both you and your customers. We can help protect your organization using industrial IT security.

First, we can help you assess your current cyberassets and vulnerabilities. Then we can work together to design an industrial cybersecurity strategy. We’ll help you draft a plan for what to do before, during and after a cyberattack, and then we’ll work with you to implement and deploy it. 

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$1.2 M

The estimated average financial loss caused by security incidents in the power and utilities sector

You Need Support for a Mobile Workforce

When it comes to mobile, one device doesn’t fit all. Mobile workers in the energy industry can be traveling professionals who need to access business data on the road or field employees whose work is as diverse as drilling on a rig or delivering heating oil to customers. Consumer-grade equipment just won’t cut it — and neither will a consumer-grade mobile strategy.

Rugged devices need a ruggedized network. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks help you connect scattered sites and hardened equipment so you can remotely monitor and control operations. The benefits of a ruggedized approach are numerous, from greater automation to reduced environmental impact, not to mention improved collaboration between devices, people and systems.

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Energy Solution Brief

protecting IT resources
You Need High-Performance Computing and Analytics

As companies come under increasing pressure to make their operations as cost-efficient as possible, high-performance computing (HPC) is one area that can help you save time and money.

It’s already paying dividends across the industry. Thanks to supercomputing, digital technologies such as advanced sensors and data analytics can increase oil and gas production by up to 8 percent, reduce facility capital costs by up to 3 percent and lower operating costs by anywhere from 5 percent to 25 percent. Our high-performance offerings include InfiniBand architecture, 10 Gig-E switching, solid-state memory, high-availability/high-volume storage, high-performance servers and power management systems.

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