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Make a secure and sustainable future happen.

In the ever-changing and evolving energy and utility sectors, new technology promises a more connected experience. But aging infrastructures challenge modernization. Explore how CDW drives transformation to meet today’s demands and unlock a future of innovation.

Smarter Energy Environments
Start with Resilient IT Ecosystems

The energy and utilities industries are facing major changes,
with a push toward more sustainable energy practices such as decarbonization and renewable energy expansion.

At the same time, strict standards and regulations for safety and reliability must be met. These sectors are challenged to adapt quickly, improve environmental performance and manage complex compliance requirements.

CDW provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges by offering advanced cybersecurity to protect against threats, modernizing infrastructure to meet current needs and managing data more efficiently. Through IT automation and edge devices, CDW streamlines operations, boosts efficiency and prepares the energy sector for a sustainable and secure future.

Infrastructure Modernization

One of the main challenges facing the energy sector is legacy technology. Energy producers are facing emerging challenges, and companies must have the most reliable infrastructure to help streamline their work, optimize processes, create faster products and employ new digital products. The legacy of the past is no match for the potential of tomorrow.

Power Up for What’s Next with Tailored Expertise

CDW is a trusted technology partner to oil, gas and utilities organizations, undergoing third-party audits annually to demonstrate compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks. We’re committed to understanding and supporting your business as it grows. With decades of experience, our focus is on adapting to your needs, offering tailored solutions across the full lifecycle of your technology requirements. We prioritize solving your challenges with effective technology solutions, ensuring your energy and utilities needs are met with precision and care.

Let CDW be your guide in navigating the complexities of the energy and utilities sector, where our expertise and tailored solutions can drive your business forward.

Backed by Power for Your Energy Solutions and Services

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Leverage data management and AI support to enable relevant and timely decision-making, enhancing your strategic outcomes.

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Ensure your intellectual property is secure and your analytics are reliable with our data cleansing and security services.

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Pinpoint the optimal 5G solutions tailored to your needs, focusing on tasks that demand faster speeds, low latency or higher bandwidth.

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Choose flexibility with our a la carte menu for Managed Services, offering tailored solutions that fit your specific business requirements.


Protecting SCADA Networks in an Evolving Threat Landscape

93% of organizations experienced an intrusion over the previous year, and 78% experienced three or more. This white paper outlines the unique vulnerabilities of SCADA networks to cyberattacks, emphasizing the need for a proactive, multilayered security approach.

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