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Amazing happens when you get value out of your data.

CDW’s Data Management experts design, orchestrate and manage a comprehensive data strategy with a portfolio of services that emphasize data stewardship, quality, accessibility, security, privacy and compliance. By transforming data utilization and tapping into new sources of information, you can unlock the true potential of your data landscape.

Unlock the full power of your data today.

What is Data Management?

At CDW we understand that developing a robust strategy for data management can provide key insights and better reporting for more competitive business outcomes. See below for our strategies and expertise.

Empower Your Business Goals (Data Strategy)

Develop a comprehensive data strategy aligning business goals with data utilization, ensuring optimal resource allocation and strategic data-driven decisions.

Achieve Smarter Insights (Advanced Data Science and AI Capabilities)

Harness the capabilities of data science and AI to glean actionable insights, optimize decision-making and drive innovation.

Build Trust in the Integrity of Your Data (Data Governance)

Foster a data-centric business culture built around accessibility, security, privacy and compliance.

Create New Value From Your Data (Data Visualization and Reporting)

Harness the power of data to deliver innovative solutions that boost your bottom line and give your business a competitive edge through actionable insights.

Achieve Digital Transformation Initiatives (Core Data Platforms)

Optimize the benefits of your digital transformation initiatives and multi-cloud strategies by connecting data to composable solutions that quickly scale to meet evolving business needs.

Modern Data Management

CDW Data Management offers modern data solutions to help organizations stay competitive and extract the most value from their data. With a global network of business experts and technology, CDW’s data practice has the depth and breadth to support your entire data journey.

IT technician sitting at the desk in the office, using computer, talking and gesturing.

The first step to truly harnessing the power of data and analytics is having the right process in place for collecting, analyzing and making decisions based on what the data is telling you. That’s where CDW comes in.

Our Data Management Services give you access to a broad range of consultation, strategy, implementation and management teams to help you build out a framework for managing data that you can actually support, and that’s easy to use and adjust as your business needs change. Effectively implement strategies, assign the best teams to handle various tasks, and free up your time for greater innovation, progress and growth.

Stay ahead of the curve—and the data—and have us help you build a strong reputation, one powerful, data-driven decision at a time.

IT technician sitting at the desk in the office, using computer, talking and gesturing.
Group of data strategists in a meeting using laptops and digital tablets to take notes.
Group of data strategists in a meeting using laptops and digital tablets to take notes.

Establish A Comprehensive Data Strategy

By aligning your data strategy with market demands, you can gain a competitive edge and deliver new features and better outcomes for your customers. CDW Data Management Services can help. Our team of consultants and technicians will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing data processes, platforms and infrastructure. Based on this assessment, we will design and manage a customized data strategy tailored to your and your customer’s specific needs. Our data strategies are built with data governance at their core, they can support new technology, enable you to accelerate business outcomes and help you monetize your data through enhanced decision-making and customer-centric insights.

IT architect talking with customer while standing by a computer monitor.

Should You Invest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Business Advantages of AI/ML/MLOps

Implementing a successful AI/ML/MLOps program yields numerous benefits, including reduced operational costs, enhanced internal processes and increased efficiency by eliminating duplicate or manual tasks. CDW’s team of AI/ML/MLOps architects thoroughly analyzes your business requirements and offers specific recommendations for driving improvements throughout your organization, ensuring you unlock the full value of your AI/ML/MLOps solution, drive business success, and achieve your desired outcomes.

IT architect talking with customer while standing by a computer monitor.

CDW Can Accelerate Your Business Outcomes

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Drive Innovation

A modern data platform can help organizations keep pace with evolving technologies because it can scale, grow and shift as data needs change.

Female IT professional working using a laptop computer in a modern server room.

Improve Agility

Data orchestration can remove silos and bottlenecks for quick data access, create efficiencies using automation and reduce the complexity of creating and maintaining data pipelines.

Female IT architect working in office staring at computer screen.

Manage Risks

Data governance leads to improved data quality, enhanced business reputation and protects the integrity and relevance of your data.

Male IT professional discussing data management solutions with customers in a modern office.

Optimize User Experience

Schedule a consultation with our data experts to help optimize product development, enhance customer experience, increase return on investment and conduct accurate forecasting.

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Increase Value

Managed application services increase efficiency and innovation in development, streamline processes, enhance performance and decrease maintenance.

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