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From Automation to DevOps: IT Team Training Matters

Focused, hands-on training can be a transformative force for organizations looking to improve adaptability and speed to market.

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Good Talent is Hard to Find (and Keep)

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percentage of IT leaders who say the skill sets of most employees need to evolve to best leverage new tech1

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percentage of IT decision-makers who say a skills shortage prevents them from keeping up with the pace of change2

How do organizations upskill without internal resources to show the way?

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Amping Up IT Skill Sets
with Internal Training

An electric utilities manufacturer wanted to advance DevOps, automation and agile skill sets internally across its IT teams. Getting the initiative off the ground, however, had been a struggle. In-house expertise was lacking to a point where some resources had only beginner-level skills.
Working with CDW, the customer determined the following needs:
  • Increase their internal IT teams’ skill sets
  • Conduct DevOps 101 training with staff developers and infrastructure teams
  • Empower teams to lead organizational and technological processes
  • Achieve greater business adaptability and speed to market

Hands-on Training Keeps
Employee Skills Current

The CDW Digital Velocity team created a five-day training program designed to address both short- and long-term goals, punctuated with a 201-level “code fest” that allowed trainees to apply their newly acquired skills to a business challenge.
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Internal IT Teams Charged Up
and Ready to Go

The initial training generated a lot of internal buzz from attendees eager to learn and develop their skills. Held in multiple time zones, the training was very well attended by employees from across the globe. Their feedback was extremely positive.
Here’s why it worked:
  • A technology partner with deep expertise across a range of environments knew how to nurture the skill sets needed to achieve the manufacturer’s short- and long-term goals.
  • Training followed by low-stakes practice sessions at the code fest supported employee development, reinforced a culture of learning within the organization and encouraged attendees to see how their skills play a valuable role in driving strategic business initiatives.
What’s next?
With the initial training project now complete, the manufacturer is planning additional 201-level training programs and a sprint project for attendees to collaborate and test their knowledge. The continuous upskilling will leave the manufacturer even better prepared to meet evolving industry needs with agile innovation.

1 IDC, “How to be a Digital Leader in 2022,” March 2022 
2 IDC EMEA, Cloud Modernization Survey, Cloudreach, 2022   

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