CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Inspiring Trust and Confidence in All Our Stakeholders

CDW’s commitment to good corporate governance is unwavering – from our Board to our Executive Committee to all levels of our organization. The governance structure of the company is designed to be a working structure for principled actions, effective decision-making and appropriate monitoring of both compliance and performance.

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We strive to continuously improve our own environmental performance while growing our business and supporting our partners and customers in their environmental efforts.

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We continue to build our One CDW culture and strengthen our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, business diversity, digital equity for our communities and other forms of social impact.

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CDW’s commitment to good corporate governance is unwavering – from our Board to our Executive Committee to all levels of our organization. 

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The CDW Board of Directors is responsible for providing oversight of the strategic and operational direction of CDW and supporting our long-term interests. CDW strives to maintain a highly independent, balanced and diverse group of directors that collectively possess the expertise to ensure effective oversight.

The Board’s committee structure facilitates actions required for the operation of a public company as well as oversight of specific ESG-related activities. All three of the committees are composed entirely of independent directors.


Our ethics and compliance program is built around our efforts to guard and protect the trust that our coworkers, stockholders, customers, vendor partners, communities and other stakeholders place in us, while ensuring that we adhere to The CDW Way Code and follow all legal and regulatory requirements.

The CDW Way Code, which applies to all coworkers and directors, is the basis for how we work at CDW. It defines our standards for corporate behavior and provides direction and insight on the ethical and legal issues coworkers may face.

Topics addressed in the Code include:

  • Confidentiality of company, customer and business partner information
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Compliance with government contracting requirements
  • Fair dealing
  • Marketing practices
  • Financial integrity


The respect and protection of information assets for our business, coworkers, customers and partners is one of our most important responsibilities. 

As our organization continues to grow, we prioritize close connectivity with our stakeholders and a unified approach to ensure secure growth while addressing risk consistently across the business. We codify this approach through a comprehensive set of global policies, along with related procedures and requirements – all of which are aligned with CDW’s enterprise risk management program.

In 2022, we reintroduced and enhanced our information security function under one robust, enterprise-wide organization known as CDW Global Information Security, in alignment with our commitment to fostering a globally integrated and locally empowered mindset.


Our continued commitment to robust customer privacy and data security programs in our business reinforces our credibility to help customers address their own cybersecurity needs. Our services help our customers with information risk management, business information security, cybersecurity engineering and threat detection.

cyber security graphic showing customer privacy and data security programs