Promote a Safe and Healthy Workplace

We look out for each other and do our part to maintain a safe, healthy and harassment-free workplace. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, racial harassment and any other type of behavior that is hostile, disrespectful, abusive and/or humiliating.

How IT's Done ...

  • Behave professionally and respectfully all the time.
  • Never mistreat, bully or threaten anyone. 
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Report any accidents, injuries or unsafe equipment, practices or conditions immediately to one of your Ethics and Compliance Resources. 

The CDW Way

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If you experience or witness harassment, know that it is your responsibility to do something to stop it. You can start by informing the bad actor that their behavior is unwelcome or inappropriate. If you are not ready to do that, if it makes you uncomfortable, or if you have tried and your actions didn't make the behavior stop, report the matter to one of your Ethics and Compliance Resources.

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Make the Connection

Prohibited conduct includes:

  • insults, slurs and derogatory jokes or comments that target a certain group (race, gender, religion, etc.)
  • unwanted sexual advances
  • comments or actions designed to belittle or humiliate subordinates or fellow coworkers
  • derogatory and/or sexually oriented computer graphics, posters, photography or gestures
  • unwelcome touching
  • any other conduct that has the purpose or effect of interfering with anyone’s work performance or creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive work environment

For more information, visit the resource link below:

Global Security, Safety and Business Continuity

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If you become aware of or suspect safety or security related incidents, you must follow the Global Security, Safety and Business Continuity Incident Reporting Policy and report the incident following these Incident Reporting Instructions.