Select Business Partners Carefully

We choose to work with business partners who share our commitment to integrity. Our reputation depends upon it. At CDW, we have policies and procedures in place to ensure that our arrangements with third parties comply with the law. 

How IT's Done ...

  • Choose partners fairly and objectively with CDW’s needs and best interests in mind.
  • Always follow our policies and procedures when selecting and working with business partners.
  • Do not accept favors from vendors or suppliers who are looking to do business with us.
  • Never use a third party to perform any act that you would be prohibited from engaging in directly or that violates The CDW Way or The CDW Way Code.

The CDW Way

The CDW Way icon design involving three interlocking rings with a solid center circle.

CDW’s reputation can be affected by others with whom we do business. We choose business partners who hold themselves to standards of integrity and ethical business conduct that align with The CDW Way.

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Make the Connection

Remember that, at CDW, our reputation depends in part on the business partners with whom we work. We all have a responsibility to oversee the work of third parties carefully and to raise our hands and seek help if we have concerns about the actions of our business partners. 


For more information, visit the resource link below:

CDW Partner Code of Conduct