Compete Fairly and Follow Fair Marketing Practices

We compete fairly and honestly for business and comply with all laws protecting competition — wherever and whenever we do business. At CDW, we describe our products and services truthfully and accurately and never engage in unfair marketing practices.

How IT's Done ...

  • Never discuss sensitive market information, including prices, territories or strategies, with CDW’s competitors.
  • Do not agree to fix prices, divide markets or engage in any other anti-competitive practices.
  • Collect information about competitors fairly and only through publicly available sources. 
  • Never mislead customers or potential customers through deceptive acts or practices, false advertising claims, or misrepresentations regarding CDW’s or our competitors’ products and services.

The CDW Way

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The best way to earn customers’ continued loyalty is by treating them fairly, delivering the products and services they want, and exceeding their expectations. Never disparage another company or make misstatements about their products or services in order to unfairly earn business.

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Make the Connection

Understanding how our competitors operate can be important. But we never use, take, copy or give others the confidential or proprietary information of our competitors.

Do not request or accept such confidential information from anyone, including our competitors’ past or present employees. Improperly collecting or using such information may subject the Company and the individuals involved to lawsuits or criminal penalties.

If you happen to obtain such information, safeguard it and contact one of your Ethics and Compliance Resources immediately.


For more information, visit the resource link below:

Fair Competition (Antitrust) Policy