Follow International Trade Rules

We must comply with many controls and regulations whenever we transfer goods, services or technologies from one country to another.

International trade rules regulate where, how and with whom CDW can conduct business across borders. CDW follows these rules to comply with the law and to avoid incurring penalties or sanctions. We have policies and controls in place to make sure that we comply with the international trade controls, rules and regulations that apply to our business.

How IT's Done ...

  • Understand how trade controls, such as import and export laws, apply to your job responsibilities.
  • Never agree to participate in a boycott or refuse to deal with a specific customer, and report any request to participate in a boycott to your manager right away. 
  • Know your customer, screen all parties prior to entering into contracts, and never conduct business with prohibited or sanctioned countries or individuals.
  • Contact one of your Ethics and Compliance Resources if you have a question about exports, imports or other trade control related issues.

The CDW Way

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CDW is committed to following all trade laws that apply to our business and expects the same to be  true of our customers and business partners. Consult the Legal Department to report any concern that a business partner or customer is violating international trade controls.

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Make the Connection

If your job responsibilities include exporting goods, technology and/or services, you need to understand how export control laws apply as well as how to identify potential red flags that could indicate international trade violations. Here are some potential red flags: 

  • Cash sales that would typically involve financing terms 
  • Unclear contract details, including delivery dates and destinations that are not specific 
  • Lack of a detailed address or website
  • Declining routine installation, training or ongoing services

For more information, visit the resource link below:

Export Compliance Policy