Engage Responsibly in Political Activities

We respect coworker engagement. You are free to participate in personal political activity, but your involvement must be on an individual basis, on your own time and at your own expense. 

How IT's Done ...

  • Make it clear that your views and actions are your own and not those of CDW when participating in personal political activity.
  • Do not use CDW’s assets or resources for any political activities without the prior approval of the Legal Department.
  • Inform the Legal Department if you plan to run for public office or wish to engage in political activities or lobbying on behalf of CDW.

The CDW Way

The CDW Way icon design involving three interlocking rings with a solid center circle.

Political opinions and political activity can be deeply personal. Show respect for the rights and opinions of others and engage responsibly with coworkers on political topics. 

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Make the Connection

Because political participation is a personal decision, neither the Company nor our coworkers may pressure others to make political contributions of any type — to any political party, candidate or cause. If you ever feel pressured to do so, please report it to your supervisor or manager, Ethics and Compliance, or the Ethics Helpline. 


For more information, visit the resource link below:

Road to Success Coworker Handbook