Communicate Responsibly

We are thoughtful and exercise good judgment when communicating both internally and externally. You have a responsibility to communicate in a manner that is consistent with CDW’s values. 

How IT's Done ...

  • Communicate clearly, respectfully and professionally at all times.
  • Remember that even a casual email or note can create a permanent Company record.
  • Use good judgment and common sense when using social media, and do not represent CDW on social media without permission to do so.

The CDW Way

The CDW Way icon design involving three interlocking rings with a solid center circle.

How you communicate with coworkers, customers and business partners reflects on CDW as whole. Always communicate professionally and appropriately so as not to risk CDW’s reputation.

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Make the Connection

Remember that even if you are using social media in your personal life, it can still have consequences for CDW. When posting online, never give the impression that you are speaking on behalf of the Company (unless you have permission to do so), and never share confidential information about CDW or about any of our coworkers or business partners.  


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