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Business Stabilization & Enabling Workforce

COVID-19 has impacted every organization and finding stability while ensuring your employees can remain productive can be challenging. But you don’t need to find these solutions alone. CDW solutions and services, from temporary staffing and managed services to security and networking solutions, offer support and stability that keeps your business moving forward even in these uncertain times.

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Complex Staffing

No matter your organization’s size or industry, having a workforce that is capable and supported has never been more important. With a rapid-shifting global environment, finding your organization’s footing can be challenging. Whether your organization is continuing to work remotely, or you’re making steps to reopen your offices, complex staffing solutions can give your workforce and office environment the extra help they need in order to re-assimilate back into the office or continue a successful work from home effort.


Changes in the work environment have been as immediate as they are rapid in their evolution. Keeping your environments secure with visibility strategies and tailored compensating controls prevents organizations from being caught off guard. Conversations regarding compliance, tool efficacy, technology roadmaps, automation and awareness campaigns must be had so that organizations can remain protected to their needs. Just as every organization is unique in some way, so too must their security solutions be designed to keep them fully protected. Comprehensive assessments can provide a holistic view and identify where organizations need to prioritize their security investments to mitigate vulnerabilities in order to mature their Cybersecurity Programs.

Application Delivery

Whether you’re supporting remote work capabilities or optimizing office experiences for returning employees, the thought and strategy behind your application ecosystem has never been more crucial. The right applications empower your employees to work productively with access to virtual desktops, communication and collaboration. But this is only the beginning. Ensuring that these employees are in a secure environment and can get these programs easily is a challenge that every organization will face. Whether on premise, in the cloud, or a mix, CDW makes building and delivering applications to your end users manageable and cost efficient.


As offices begin or continue reopening, networking solutions will need to be evaluated for support and productivity opportunities. Networking refreshes for offices opening with limited capability will be considered because the less amount of people in the office will mean less demand on the network. However, networking solutions provides more than just an in-office experience – they can also be utilized for efforts in contact tracing, work from home support, proximity tracing and social distancing. Networking optimization, therefore, creates new opportunities rather than a simple refresh as it would have been in years past. 

Managed Services

Nobody needs to go through these uncertain times alone. Managed services such as help desk support, telecom audits, and CTS from CDW ensures you don’t have to handle COVID-19 reopening or work from home efforts by yourself. Get the specific support you need for specific challenges you’re facing, with help that will stick with you.

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In uncertain times, stability is a commodity every organization needs, but sometimes can be hard to find. Business stabilization solutions from CDW are designed to help get you weather the storm and keep your organization moving forward.

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