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Future Proofing & New Work Dynamic

The shift in business priorities and strategies from COVID-19 has been felt throughout the country, but businesses must continue to plan for the future and adapt to these uncharted waters. Future proofing your organization means understanding how business operations will evolve, as well as ensuring your employees can practice new methods in safety and health while in the office. Planning and being proactive towards these changes will ensure your business meets the “new normal” with the right strategies and technologies.

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Thermal Screening

Organizations and schools that are planning to reopen want to keep the safety and health of their employees and/or students at top of mind.  Thermal camera solutions are effective at scanning people quickly and flagging those that have signs of an elevated temperature for additional screening by a medical grade thermometer. While not precise enough to diagnose fever on their own, thermal camera solutions are effective at scanning people quickly and flagging those that have signs of an elevated temperature for additional screening by a medical grade thermometer.  This increases screening throughput and reduces close contact for health and safety personnel compared to the use of manual thermometers alone.

Sanitation Services

A clean, sanitary office can help promote health and kill germs that linger from a sneeze, unwashed hands or any other potential spreading opportunity. But this effort is more nuanced than some disinfecting wipes and spray. Just as your data center requires more expertise than simply plugging into a power outlet and pressing the “on” button, properly sanitizing your equipment is much more demanding than wiping a keyboard. That’s why CDW has partnered with ISSA and Pandemic Certified sanitization partners that are trained by Johns Hopkins and coordinate with the CDC to use CDC approved cleaning supplies. These services take things like virus dwell time into account, because sometimes just leaving a device sitting unused for a few weeks hoping the virus dies may not cut it. Sanitization services utilize proper PPE, thoroughly and correctly clean your devices, and can be scaled to meet however many devices (and the types of devices) in your organization.

Occupancy Tracking

An effective method of supporting social distancing guidelines is to limit occupancy levels in a building or area, but manual counting can tie up workers, is often inaccurate, and is difficult to monitor.  Systems for occupancy tracking, sometimes called occupancy counting, can automate this process while improving accuracy and freeing up workers.  Surveillance cameras equipped with video analytics software can detect and count people as they pass in and out while aggregating that data across multiple entrances and areas.  This data can be displayed on digital signage in real time to indicate when it is okay to enter or when to wait for occupancy levels to fall below the maximum limit.  Greater insight into occupancy data – both real-time and historical – may provide additional value to organizations beyond COVID-19 prevention.

WFH Assessment

Continuing to enable your employees to work from home means continuing to ensure they’re getting the best experiences in their home office with the technology they need in order to perform the job. The WFH Assessment from CDW focuses on user experiences and helping identify where to make technology investments for organizations of all sizes. We focus on five key areas – endpoints, collaboration tools, networking, application delivery and cybersecurity – to keep you and your workforce supported no matter where they’re working.

Social Distancing

Keeping a recommended and safe distance between employees, staff, and customers ensures that everyone can mitigate the risk of becoming sick. Technology can help with that goal, from ensuring nobody enters an area with an underlying sickness to keeping track of the amount of people in a single area so that nothing becomes overcrowded. Every office, retail store, classroom, healthcare facility and other spaces will have different needs that require specific solutions. CDW is here to help understand your needs and build a multi-pronged solution that keeps everyone healthy, safe and spaced out.

Device and Contact Tracing

Social distancing is top-of-mind for everyone, but how can you ensure good social distancing efforts are being practiced? Device and contact tracing solutions can help ensure a workforce is practicing the right social distancing measures and can continue to work in an office or work environment safely. 

We Get Future Proofing Is Key to a Return to Work Strategy

Investing in the right solutions now can help ensure a smoother transition to in-person work environments. CDW understands how to help you assess your needs and set up the best protocols for your organization. 

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Responding to the challenges of today with COVID-19 can also enable you to future proof your organization with technologies that can be utilized tomorrow. Using technologies that keep your staff safe and abiding to social distancing best practices can be used in new ways in the future, and CDW can help you plan for now and the future.

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