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Cost Containment

No matter your organization, COVID-19 has created uncertainty. In these situations, being able to contain your finances while strategizing for updates to your infrastructure. Using software to manage expenses, identifying infrastructure vulnerabilities and taking the right steps to protect your hardware such as warranty extensions can help you exercise financial prudence while preparing for the future.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Keeping your organization cost-efficient in the midst of COVID-19 means understanding your incoming expenses and quickly identifying billing redundancies or errors. Being proactive about expenses ensures you catch egregious billing errors and get the proper refund before it causes financial hardship, enabling you to use funds for new needs that have come up. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) helps get your funds back into your budget with cost-savings delivered to you with software that takes your existing data and enables you to get access to it, so you can be proactive about your expenses. 

Infrastructure Assessments

Understanding your current infrastructure – from capabilities to future needs – has become paramount for organizations that are looking to run more efficiently while identifying cost-saving potential. Whether you have an on-premise infrastructure, or use a cloud-based solution like Azure or AWS, taking an infrastructure health check assessment can identify cost-saving redundancies, support issues, an oversized environment and other potential issues. Get insight into your environments as you look to reopen your office or continue supporting your work from home workforce.

IT Asset Management

When looking to contain your organization costs, you might consider ways you can cut current spending. When you look to cut that spending, are you aiming to do it surgically and methodically? IT Asset Management solutions from CDW gives you a snapshot of where your IT resources and expenditures lie, so you can identify potential risk, evaluate app deployment and environments, build a proof of concept in a working environment and find ways to reduce overall spend. Be methodical in your budget management and avoid unnecessary cuts with IT Asset Management.

Warranty Extension

COVID-19 has been a disrupter in many things, including technology lifecycles. While nobody is certain how long COVID will continue, your technology will continue to age through its lifecycle. What’s more, money you may have allocated for technology updates may have been diverted to support work from home initiatives. Warranty extension options on your data center technology can help ensure your systems will continue to have support beyond your originally planned timeline for a refresh. You can have your systems running with peace of mind that you’re supported, even in uncertain times.

SD-WAN Optimization

Your user experience will vary depending on whether your users are returning to the office or continuing to work from home. In either situation, SD-WAN solutions are adaptable to meet the needs of your organization and users. Users returning to office branches can have improved connectivity with enhanced technology experiences. Work from home users are, in essence, their own office branches of one and must be supported as such. SD-WAN solutions can help work from home employees with a quality of service that helps with bandwidth-intensive applications so they can continue being as productive at home as they would be in the office.

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Keeping costs controlled and balanced at a time when budgets are in flux is no easy task. How you approach your budgeting strategy is critical, and being surgical about where to manage your finances is key. CDW is here to help you identify how to make precise decisions that keeps your organization healthy and operational in both the short term and in the future.

Learn more about cost containment solutions and services from CDW.

Learn more about cost containment solutions and services from CDW.

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