Business Resource Groups

CDW’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are a powerful force driving our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. BRGs bring coworkers together for networking, informal mentoring, and professional and leadership development – for belonging.

By joining BRGs, coworkers enjoy opportunities to build their affinity area, collaborate with other BRGs and have a voice in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives at CDW.

Building a culture of belonging

By engaging with coworkers and communities on meaningful topics, Business Resource Groups help elevate cultural awareness throughout CDW and beyond. Our eight North America BRGs are listed below. Coworkers also run several regional BRGs.



Alliance for Business Leading Equality
Alliance for Business Leading Equality aims to advocate and educate for an accessible environment that facilitates self-advocacy, focusing on coworkers who are disabled and our allies, so they can achieve their full potential.



Black Excellence Unlimited
Black Excellence Unlimited's mission is to provide resources and development opportunities for CDW's Black coworkers that enable them to achieve excellence and have a positive impact on our customers and community.



Business Resource Alliance Valuing Equality
BRAVE's mission is to assemble the building blocks for LGBTQ+ inclusion within CDW through networking and outreach with LGBTQ+ coworkers globally, connecting with our BRGs on topics of intersectionality, and educating CDW on issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community.



Business Resource Inclusion and Diversity Group for Everyone
BRIDGE seeks to foster connections and mentorships across CDW, bringing together coworkers from various roles and walks of life. We aim to cultivate a community of discovery, passion and growth where all coworkers are valued. Whether you are a seasoned CDW veteran or a newcomer, BRIDGE is a network where we embrace differences and grow as one.

Regional BRGs


Capital All-Stars (VA)
The Capital All-Stars’ mission is to bring Reston coworkers together in a cohesive environment, to provide enriching opportunities to increase business acumen and personal development.


Eatontown Business Resource Group (NJ)
The Eatontown BRG’s mission is to provide resources and development opportunities while cultivating a culture of inclusion.



Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Achievement
Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Achievement’s mission is to provide professional development and community involvement opportunities for all HOLA members and CDW coworkers at large in support of the professional growth and multiracial nature of Latin Americans.



Military & Allies Resource Council
Military & Allies Resource Council seeks to develop and support coworkers who have served our country both past and present, along with our allies, to strengthen connections and partnerships with the greater community.



Pan Asian Council
Pan Asian Council's mission is to build a diverse community of coworkers that enable personal and professional development opportunities for Pan Asian coworkers.



Women's Opportunity Network
Women’s Opportunity Network aims to promote an environment where women succeed at all levels by providing resources, connections and development opportunities while driving CDW’s business objectives.


Cherry Hill Business Resource Group (NJ)
The Cherry Hill BRG aims to provide resources and development opportunities while cultivating a culture of inclusion.


1850 Rising (AZ)
1850 Rising seeks to engage, develop and retain Chandler, AZ coworkers.

Supporting our communities.

At CDW, giving back is part of our DNA. We approach community engagement through coworker volunteering, fundraising, financial sponsorships and grants, donation of resources, pro bono advice, knowledge sharing and board service. Causes we support:


Education & Job Readiness

We support schools and organizations focused on improving K-12 academic achievement with a focus on digital divide opportunities. We also support efforts to help transition students to the workforce with mentorships, job readiness training and technical programs.


Health & Wellness

We strive to increase the quality, availability and effectiveness of programs designed to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance the quality of life of our current and future coworkers.


Military & Veterans

We honor our veterans, wounded warriors, active duty service members and their families by providing technology and support to help U.S. military service members and their families.

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