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IT Matters: Environmental, Social, Governance at CDW

CDW has a long history of providing great returns to shareholders, rewarding careers to our coworkers, and value to the communities where we work and live. We have achieved this success by running our business with passion, integrity and an engrained commitment to excellence. 

IT Matters: Environmental , Social, Governance (ESG) Framework

Our approach to ESG is an extension of our CDW Way values and a framework for delivering on what matters most to all our stakeholders, categorized into three focus areas under the unifying banner of IT Matters: Sustaining, Engaging and Inspiring.


A Successful Business and a Healthy Planet

Sustaining a successful business and a healthy planet go hand in hand We help customers navigate through complex technology options and implement the best solution for their needs. Our long-term success depends on providing IT solutions to help our customers achieve their goals while operating responsibly. Therefore, we are also committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental management, striving to make our operations energy efficient and maximizing the impact of our recycling efforts. From our distribution centers to our offices, we bring sustainable development to every corner of our business.

Over 90% waste diversion rate at U.S. distribution centers in 2019

ISO 14001 Certified at all CDW distribution centers

CDW customers have reforested 13,000 trees with the Print Relief program.

See our Report:  Download the full 2019 ESG Report (PDF) for additional information. 



Our Coworkers, Communities and Partners

Engaging our coworkers, communities, and partners are in our founding fabric. We invest in our coworkers and provide them the tools to succeed both professionally and personally. Our strong culture of giving encourages community engagement through volunteering, corporate donations, and more. We extend these values through our supplier diversity program, which increases procurement opportunities with small, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, disabled owned and other small, historically disadvantaged businesses.

8 Global Coworker Business Resource Groups

+9 Million in Charitable Giving to local communities over 5 years (2015-2019)

+1B Diverse Supplier Spend Member of Billion Dollar Roundtable

See our Report:  Download the full 2019 ESG Report (PDF) for additional information. 



Trust and Confidence in All Our Stakeholders

Integrity, trust and good corporate governance matter to our stakeholders. We are committed to governing and operating our business ethically, guided by the CDW Way, our code of conduct.  Through strong, independent and diverse board members and a diverse executive management team, we continuously meet our strategic objectives and achieve long-term sustainability. 

45% of Board Members are Women/People of Color

Independent Chair and 10 of 11 Board Members are Independent

62% of Executive Committee Members are Women/People of Color

See our Report:  Download the full 2019 ESG Report (PDF) for additional information.