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Renewal Management

Amazing happens when contract renewals are seamless.

CDW offers tailored solutions for upcoming renewals, hardware and software maintenance contract management, and proactive quotes. Optimize your business strategy with master policies, co-term cancellations, SLAs, and multi-year discounts.

What is Renewal Management?

"Renewals” applies to anything with a term date: hardware maintenance, software maintenance, software licenses, and SaaS contracts. Ensuring your IT stack has the appropriate coverage—while identifying what to renew, refresh, or upgrade—can result in significant hidden savings and help you stay agile in a rapidly changing environment.

Effective Renewal Management Solutions

CDW Renewal Services extend the life of your IT assets and ensure your business operations run smoothly without any interruptions. We utilize standard best practices to determine the appropriate service levels required within your IT environment. Our experts work with you to create an accurate inventory baseline, providing visibility to make informed decisions regarding your IT investments to deliver value long after the initial purchase.

Expert Support

CDW offers comprehensive support to streamline your IT contract renewals. Our dedicated teams of renewal experts provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring a seamless renewal management process

Expert Support
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Proactive Management

An inventory baseline assessment provides visibility into upcoming renewals, inventory reconciliation, efficient contract management, proactive renewal quotes, and expert advice on product lifecycle information (EOSL).

Strategic Upgrade Planning

We empower you to determine the right time for product refresh, upgrades, or renewals. Leveraging our contract negotiation expertise in co-terming, cancellations, SLAs, and multi-year discounts enables informed decisions aligned with industry best practices.

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Predictive Contract Renewals

CDW’s holistic view of customer contracts and IT environments enables us to be forward-looking with renewals and product refreshes. Our centralized and consistent view of renewable assets across vendors allows us to provide an automated, proactive, and profitable renewal experience.

Solve IT Challenges with Proactive Renewal Management

Tracking renewal dates has become challenging for organizations. The entire process can be daunting and complex due to the siloed nature of IT assets within different departments, tracking equipment across the enterprise, and managing contract renewals across various manufacturers and vendors expiring at different times of the year.

According to the State of IT annual study, businesses expect to experience ongoing pandemic-influenced challenges in 2024, most notably1:


Products/Services Cost Increases


IT Skills or Labor Shortages


Supply Chain Issues/Logistical Disruptions

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Partner with CDW Renewals for unparalleled visibility into upcoming SaaS and software renewals, hardware and software maintenance contract management, and proactive quotes addressing crucial IT concerns. As businesses anticipate challenges, CDW Renewals empowers you with expert guidance on product lifecycles and mastery of vendor policies to navigate confidently through these hurdles, ensuring efficiency meets innovation in your technology experience.

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