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CDW ServiceNow Managed Services Accelerate ROI

Implementing a comprehensive ServiceNow® Solution is just the first step for your business. Look to CDW’s ServiceNow Managed Services to make the most of your investment and streamline operations. Reduce system administration costs, extend your team and focus on developing ServiceNow innovations with greater business impact. ServiceNow management by CDW helps you make the most of your ServiceNow® platform.

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Is your ServiceNow platform being underutilized? CDW’s ServiceNow managed services augment your internal staff and let you focus on maximizing ServiceNow’s impact on your business. We can provide program management for processes and platform governance, implement platform enhancements, oversee maintenance and customer service, and more.

Smart CIP

Regularly scheduled meetings, coaching, training and configuration allow you to proactively improve feature utilization and increase the level of benefits from your ServiceNow solution on an ongoing basis. Accomplish this with a ServiceNow continuous improvement program to ensure your investment drives increasing returns by leveraging best practices in design and process.

SmartTeam Staff Enhancement

Help your internal staff focus their ServiceNow efforts on strategic goals and business growth. Our ServiceNow developers are solely dedicated to your team and can be utilized for a full work week. A team of ServiceNow support specialists backs each and every developer, and they can perform any ServiceNow development or administrative task requested.

Prepaid Support Blocks

Receive the support you need and pay only once a year for 50 or 100-hour increments. A dedicated CDW Technical Consultant will be assigned to your organization to help with any issues or questions you have. Plus, gain access to CDW development experts and on-demand reporting while you manage and approve work in our customer portal.

Upgrade Assistance

Upgrading to a newer release of ServiceNow can feel like an uphill climb. CDW uses ServiceNow’s proven 6-phase approach to upgrade your platform while verifying your customer applications or implementing new ones. Our ServiceNow experts can also remediate your identified issues for all applications currently in use.

SmartScan Health Check

As more applications are implemented within your ServiceNow platform, it is imperative that you continue to optimize for growth and scale without degrading performance. Best-practice configuration ensures that you have efficient upgrades, optimal usability and performance and ease of maintenance. CDW SmartScan evaluates and compares your existing system against ServiceNow best practices to give you a custom-built remediation plan for optimizing your platform.

CDW ServiceNow Solutions alleviates the burden of ServiceNow maintenance and helps you focus on strategic growth.

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Call 866.782.4239

CDW ServiceNow Solutions alleviates the burden of ServiceNow maintenance and helps you focus on strategic growth.

Ready to contact your account manager, or give us a call?