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IT Service Management and digital workflow platforms are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of IT. As a ServiceNow® Elite Partner and the 2021 Global Elite Segment Partner of the Year — with a leading CSAT score of 4.6 or above (out of 5) — CDW helps you optimize the value of your ServiceNow® investment and streamline IT operations across your organization.

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Stay up to date on the latest news and free training opportunities with ServiceNow.

Stay up to date on the latest news and free training opportunities with ServiceNow.

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Our ServiceNow consulting services team gives you a comprehensive plan for accelerating innovation and growth through ServiceNow.

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As a top ServiceNow implementation partner, we offer proprietary tools that can help you build or expand your custom ServiceNow solution.

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Augment your staff with our ServiceNow managed services certified technicians, who can help you reduce costs and accelerate ROI on your ServiceNow investment.

A Look at Our ServiceNow Services

ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management)

Move from legacy help desk and IT ticketing systems to fully automated IT services with cloud-based ITSM. ServiceNow ITSM centralizes IT service process management, but getting it up and running quickly can be a huge undertaking. CDW helps you consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating processes. Our ITSM solution combines out-of-the-box functionality with proprietary tools and best-practice guidance to create your custom ServiceNow ITSM platform within weeks. It scales to your business needs, so you can increase productivity, efficiency and end-user satisfaction while lowering the cost of delivering an effective self-service IT support solution across lines of business.

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) Solutions

Respond to security threats in minutes versus hours or days. ServiceNow Security Operations (ServiceNow SecOps) integrates all your cybersecurity tools and systems into an easy-to-use cloud platform for complete threat visibility. Through an intelligent ServiceNow workflow, automation and creating a deeper connection with IT, we can help you prioritize and resolve threats faster than ever. Plus, our SecOps tools reduce the time spent on basic tasks to speed up remediation and incident response to data breaches and more. 

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Driving business agility and data accuracy is impossible without visibility across your entire infrastructure. IT operations management best practices bridge the gap between your business services and underlying IT infrastructure. Identify, diagnose and resolve service issues quickly by automating detection, provisioning and governance processes across all your IT systems. 

ServiceNow Solutions for Organizational Growth

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)

ServiceNow CSM enables your organization to deliver customer service that is effortless, connected and proactive. CDW can help you move beyond traditional CSM models. Automation and self-service modules for both agents and customers shortens the time it takes to resolve issues and increases customer satisfaction. ServiceNow CSM allows you to lighten the load of operational demands and focus on delivering proactive strategies that drive business growth.

ServiceNow HR Service Management

Help your human resources department focus on people, not processes. ServiceNow HR Service management streamlines and improves HR delivery through a dedicated HR knowledge base. CDW offers simple dashboards and reporting, automated workflows for case assignments and routing, HCM integration, and anywhere, anytime access to all your HR services. Simplify HR case management, improve employee satisfaction and reduce company turnover with an integrated system for HR service management.

Design, implement, augment or manage your custom ServiceNow solution.

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Design, implement, augment or manage your custom ServiceNow solution.

Ready to contact your account manager, or give us a call?

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