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Make business-ready deployment happen.

Smooth and efficient business operations hinge on timely and accurate deployment of your technologies. At CDW, we can help ensure your organization is ready for business. With over 7,000 successful deployment projects completed, we can help set up your hardware and software quickly, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

What Are Smart Hands Deployment Services?

CDW’s modestly priced Smart Hands Deployment Services put the human service back in deployment and technical support — where and when you need it. We dispatch field technicians to your sites to perform a wide variety of tasks, including both ad hoc projects and long-term, large-scale engagements. Some examples of tasks our Smart Hands teams can directly provide include:

  • Rack and stack
  • Site surveys
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cable patching/labeling/cleanup
  • Structured Cabling 
  • Hardware refresh
  • Phone deployment
  • Desktop/endpoint replacement
  • Networking Hardware Deployment 
  • Short-term support
  • And more


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Check Out Our Smart Hands Approach

We work to ensure your technology is ready, right when you need it.

Design, Architect and Procure

Our technology experts work closely with your team to determine the right solutions for your business.

Project Planning and Management

Our Project Managers will collaborate with your team to plan and manage projects to help ensure smooth execution and alignment.

Scheduling and Communications

We streamline rollout executions through detailed planning, careful scheduling and thorough communication for timely and efficient delivery.

Staging and Logistics

Our team offers robust infrastructure for warehousing, inventory management, logistics and support.

Remote Support

We provide deployment support, reduce bottlenecks and prevent overutilization of resources, especially in multisite rollouts.

Operational Handoff

Onsite and remote teams collaborate to complete implementation and handoff to your operational teams, ensuring a seamless transition.

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The Right Tools to Enhance Security

Without the right help, proper configuration takes time and slows deployment. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will customize your technology to your organization’s unique needs and test each piece of equipment to ensure everything is working as it should before it reaches your hands.

Let CDW Be Your Supplier, Configurator and Installer

CDW Smart Hands Deployment Services free up resources from repetitive and operational workloads — ensuring the right resources are ready for installation, speeding up deployments and allowing you to capture value right away.

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Onsite Smart Hands

Reduces the overall cost of technology implementation by providing the local team with skilled onsite support.

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Remote Support

Minimizes bottlenecks and prevents the overuse of resources by offering efficient remote deployment support.

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Risk Management Technology

We track and monitor your solutions, assisting in maintaining compliance and reducing risk for a smooth and secure networking environment.

Safe and sustainable disposal of IT assets.

Asset Disposition

Provides safe and sustainable disposal of IT assets at the end of your lifecycle through collaboration with certified experts.


Ensuring a Seamless Technology Rollout

See how CDW helped a growing accounting firm transition to new headquarters while preparing for upcoming business expansion with seamless and quick technology deployment, keeping their workforce productive.

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