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3 Key Trends Influencing the Global Configuration Deployment Market

The growing adoption of cloud computing has influenced the global configuration deployment landscape. Organizations are taking a more agile approach toward device configuration through remote provisioning and automation processes.

The increasing trend of moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud has accelerated the importance of utilizing configuration and deployment solutions specifically to address the growing needs of the modern workforce. The pandemic created a paradigm shift in how companies do business, as more people were forced to work remotely, and on-premises environments transitioned to cloud-based solutions.

Additionally, the growing adoption of cloud computing created the need for organizations to be more agile so they could simplify operations, trim down IT staff and infrastructure, and enable better collaboration and partnership with IT solution organizations. With these shifts in the business landscape, we’ve witnessed three key trends influencing the global configuration and deployment solution market.

Remote Provisioning and Mobile Device Enrollment

As the modern workforce becomes more mobile, the need to customize devices for end users increases. Remote device configuration platforms are trending software delivery options for device provisioning that’s helping organizations simplify their endpoint deployments. Remote enrollment to the customer’s mobile device management (MDM) system and provisioning from the MDM user profile helps create a more streamlined way of configuring machines and produces better business continuity.

While performing device enrollment and remote configuration prior to users receiving their equipment, software packages and settings are pushed down to the device, greatly reducing their onboarding time and ultimately minimizing downtime for the user.

Seamless IT Integration

Digital velocity and automation processes have become a major focal point in the configuration deployment landscape. The demand for accelerated growth and time-to-market is pushing the industry toward a more collaborative approach to device configuration. More and more, organizations are shifting their IT mentality from an on-premises IT team to trusted partnerships with experts who get IT. This trend drives organizations to create seamless IT integration workflows that improve productivity and deliver more value for their clients and coworkers.

We worked with a retail customer who was hiring and onboarding 50–100 new remote employees weekly to handle a surge in online ordering. With CDW’s pre-ship configuration services capabilities, we were able to configure employee devices on time every week, place them in a custom-designed “care package” along with other accessories and a personalized welcome letter, and enable their new employees to hit the ground running on day one. Acting as a trusted partner, we were able to help our customer solve a business problem and seamlessly adapt to the growing demand for their products and services.

Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Strategies

The adoption of cloud platforms and evolving infrastructure strategies has influenced a more agile approach to how organizations fulfill their network and data center needs. They still need to deliver applications at the speed of their business and service their customers. Cloud services, on-premises data centers and colocation have grown tremendously, creating the need for ready-made data center solutions. Cloud environments need to be well-designed and equipped to handle the surge of business once organizations have reached their peak in digital velocity.

Seek a Trusted Partner

If your business is looking to adopt a hybrid, multicloud or on-premises cloud solution, or needs to develop a relationship with a trusted IT partner for a client device refresh, CDW’s highly trained and certified engineers can help you achieve your business outcomes and adapt to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Scott Erickson has been with CDW for 20 years and is a Senior Manager for Configuration Services in the Chicagoland area.

Scott Erickson

CDW Expert
Scott Erickson has been with CDW for 20 years and is a Practice Lead for configuration services.