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With limitless options available online and in brick-and-mortar stores, how do you stand out? CDW helps retailers make amazing happen with comprehensive retail solutions and the latest innovations in store connectivity, analytics and AI.

Checkout Modernization Solutions

From texting with sales associates to price comparing online, the shopping experience is now multichannel. This new reality calls for retailers to invest in technology that modernizes and improves the checkout experience.

Empowering the Modern Retail Experience

Technology and consumer behavior are redefining retail. Companies that find tools and practices to satisfy their customers’ changing demands while staying ahead of their competitors are those that will thrive in the coming years.

Video Surveillance and Crime Deterrence Solutions

CDW optimizes your retail space with advanced surveillance, smart shelves, and loss prevention tools, ensuring safety, minimizing losses, and boosting profits.

Four Trends Transforming the Customer Experience

Leverage four key retail trends to enhance efficiency, gain insights, and offer personalized experiences for a competitive advantage.


Mobile POS systems improve customer service, expedite checkouts, simplify training, and offer significant cost savings compared to traditional POS solutions.

Visual Solutions

Capturing retail customer attention is increasingly difficult. Digital signage and self-serve kiosks facilitate engagement and data collection to understand customer needs.


Enable the Connected In-Store Experiences Customers Crave

Modern wireless technology can optimize IT, empower store associates and reinvent the entire customer experience.

Man shopping online with his laptop and phone.

How Smart Is Your Store?

Today’s savvy shoppers expect convenient and personalized retail experiences that allow them to find exactly what they need. Emerging technologies in smart retail like IoT and predictive analytics are helping illuminate customer behavior and enabling retailers to make real-time, in-context business decisions.

CDW can work with you to find the right combination of retail digital solutions and services to streamline operations and enable a customer-focused experience that will drive revenue.

Learn more about smart store technologies and how digital transformation drives retail efficiencies.

Man shopping online with his laptop and phone.


Modernizing the Retail Customer Experience

Best practices and best-in-class technologies can help retailers delight their customers and create a competitive edge.

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