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With so many retail options available to customers both on – and offline, it’s imperative that retailers meet the need for convenience and deliver on seamless retail experiences. Point of sale solutions are a core way to keep your retail business agile. In fact, more than 58% of retailers state that they now incorporate mPOS solutions into their businesses. Look to CDW’s POS solutions to streamline in-store operations and collect valuable customer data.

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POS Systems: The Foundation of Your Retail Business

Having the right point-of-sale systems in place is core to operating an efficient retail business and meeting customers’ desire for a frictionless shopping experience. You can be confident that every component of your POS system fits together seamlessly and aligns with your business objectives when you work with CDW’s POS experts. Key offerings include: 

POS Key Injection Services

With the use of our key injection service, your solution will be ready to start securely processing payment upon deployment.

POS Installation Services

CDW can help you with the rigorous job of installing your equipment and assist with any project rollout.

Full POS Solution Procurement

Purchase the full solution, including hardware, software and all peripherals, from one easy portal. Plus, you’ll have access to the full suite of CDW solutions and services to ensure a solid infrastructure.

Credit Card Processing

Whether you’re accepting payments from credit or debit cards, gift cards or loyalty programs, we can provide the latest, most secure payment processing tools.

Why Should You Upgrade Your POS System?

When it comes to upgrading your POS systems, it’s not just about updating your business’s technology. Rather, upgrading to a new
POS solution ensures that you can deliver a seamless retail experience and capture customer data to capitalize on insights.  

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