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Honeywell Software Solutions:

Shaping the Future of Operations

Operational Intelligence

See beyond data with intelligent visibility into workflows and bridge the productivity gap missed by traditional asset management.

SmartTalk Unified Communications

Get a smarter, all-in-one communications solution for today’s mobile workers. SmartTalk enables constant and instant connection between workers.

Workforce Intelligence

Worforce Intelligence leverages data from existing systems and devices to deliver real-time insights, streamlined workflows and boosts in visibility and productivity.

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Provide Real Time Support for frontline Workers with Operational Intelligence

Leverage device events and site usage patterns to automatically react to problems that arise during a shift. Plus, take proactive measures to prevent unnecessary downtime for your workforce.

Decrease Operational Costs and Improve Productivity

Operational Intelligence can have a 70-80 percent reduction in unplanned downtime and create 5-25 percent increases in labor productivity. 


Operational Intelligence APIs Revolutionize Device Data Integration

The Operational Intelligence API offering provides another way for enterprise license customers manage and integrate critical device data.

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Redefine Your Communications and Supply Chain Visibility with Honeywell

Faster Insights with Operational Intelligence

Honeywell Operational Intelligence goes beyond simply providing data. It takes it further by analyzing that data and converting it to actionable insights — and enables automation that manages workflows and disruptions in real-time.

All-in-One Communications from SmartTalk

Honeywell SmartTalk is a unified workforce communications application that tackles the problem of fragmented communications. Get enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, and user presence — all from one device.

Drive Efficiency with Easy Device Monitoring

Connected devices have transformed how business run, but upkeep can increase TCO. Honeywell's Operational Intelligence monitors ways to decrease operational costs by catching device needs before they affect productivity.

Maximize supply chain visibility and streamline operations.

Leverage the power of comprehensive retail solutions and the latest in digital technology, store connectivity and analytics to stand out in the market. See how CDW can modernize your retail enviroment.

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