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6 Tips to Improve End-User Technology
Prepare to Improve End-User Tech
May 21, 2020

Modern organizations understand the importance of happy and productive users. Use this checklist to ensure your organization is prepared to move forward with a comprehensive approach to digital transformation.

Key Considerations for Optimizing Your Organization’s End-User Experience

How healthy are the devices in my environment?

Do I have the data to determine both how devices are performing and overall user behavior? What do my end users value most about their devices? What issues trouble them most? 

What applications are being used in my environment? What primary applications are being used by each user group?

Do I have an approach to understanding what primary applications end users use on a daily or weekly basis? Do I have licensing information readily available to ensure efficient application usage?

What challenges do I experience in procuring, managing and refreshing device assets and inventory?

Do I have a single point of contact for my procurement process? Do I have a disciplined refresh schedule? What is the health of my asset management program? How do I plan and budget for new mobile equipment? What is my current and ideal refresh cycle?

How effective is my service desk?

Does my service desk have a strategy to reduce call volumes over time? How am I currently monitoring my fleet of devices? How difficult is it to resolve issues before they interrupt user productivity? 

How do I currently manage corporate data security on mobile devices?

How do I ensure that a device is disabled and wiped if it’s lost or stolen, or when an employee leaves the company? Can I monitor activity on all devices? Do I have a disposal process for all devices?

Am I looking to shed the burden of managing and owning devices?

How big is the staff that manages our end-user devices? Is my team large enough to do everything I need it to do? Is there a benefit in allowing staff to focus on more strategic projects rather than daily operations?

Optimizing the end-user experience takes planning. Let us help you get it right.

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