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CDW's Managed Endpoint Anywhere service delivers support to users anywhere, at any time, on any device. Let us know how we can help support your end users.

Quickstart Assessment: CDW’s solution architects evaluate end-user experience in several areas, including device, app and data access, networking, security and support. After analyzing the results of this assessment, experts deliver recommendations to optimize the device environment.

Roadmap Workshop: This workshop includes an analysis of factors that affect end-user experiences, in-depth roundtables, evaluation of readiness for hardware upgrades and virtualization and an analysis of the potential return on computing investments using real end-user data.

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CDW understands the complexity of achieving an effective and productive digital workspace. That’s why we offer solutions and services that help you more easily address the lifecycle of every end-user device.  

Checklist: Prepare to improve end-user tech

Roadmap: Manage your endpoint devices


Evaluates the end-user experience across devices, app and data access, networking, security and support.

Managed Endpoint Tool

Gives users a simple, central touchpoint for device support and management.

Progressive Recommendations

CDW provides data and information to support smart decision-making around device strategy, service delivery and improvements to the end-user experience.

Abbreviated Time Frame

The CDW Amplified™ Services — Managed Endpoint Anywhere QuickStart Assessment provides a flexible, fast way to get at the data you need to succeed.


We Get Digital Workspace

Managing your endpoints to ensure end-user productivity is key to successful digital transformation. CDW Managed Endpoint Anywhere services provide a comprehensive approach and a thoughtful post-implementation plan for digital workspace success.

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