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Partnership with Compudopt Helping to Close Digital Divide

As part of our global Social Impact program, we are committed to fostering partnerships with organizations that share our focus on digital equity and further our goal of empowering our communities to reach their unlimited potential. 

One of our newest partnerships is with Compudopt, a national nonprofit driven to provide technology access and education to under-resourced youth. The collaboration demonstrates how we team up with organizations who share our commitment to digital equity to amplify our collective impact.

We partner with Compudopt across the U.S. as part of our strategy to support access to technology. To support Compudopt Chicago’s efforts to close the digital divide, we hosted a two-week donation drive in July in which local coworkers provided personal, non-company computers no longer in use to be repurposed and given to a deserving youth in need or properly recycled. Before the drive, all participants were instructed how to delete the data on their devices and restore each system to its factory settings. 

In addition, a group of CDW interns spent a summer afternoon at a Compudopt Chicago warehouse, learning how the organization strives to empower youth through technology and actively supporting its mission by inspecting donations for damage as well as cleaning and sorting the technology.