PARTNERSHIPS & PORTFOLIO: Amplifying Our Collective Impact

CDW believes in the power of partnerships, access and technology to create lasting and transformative impact. We continue to expand our portfolio of environmentally certified products and collaborate with our partners and customers on shared ESG priorities. 

As a member of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, we continue to increase our multibillion-dollar spend with certified, small, diverse vendor partners. Through our global social impact strategy, we work with our partners to address digital equity in schools and communities – based on our belief in the transformative power of technology.

Download individual sections of our 2023 report, including our comprehensive Partnerships & Portfolio section, our Business Diversity section and our Social Impact section:


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Our ESG journey is focused where CDW can make the greatest impact and sustainably add value for our stakeholders.

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We use our reach, scale and capabilities to create opportunities for people and communities.

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We strive to be sustainable and efficient in our operational practices and seek to positively impact the environmental performance of our value chain.

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We help others advance their own ESG efforts by providing products that address environmental and societal needs, and collaborate to amplify the collective impact of the technology sector.

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With every interaction, we strive to inspire trust and confidence in CDW among all our stakeholders.

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Access our library of case studies demonstrating the tangible impact of our ESG program.

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Explore our library of ESG resources including our 2023 ESG Report, 2023 Executive Summary,  TCFD and SASB disclosures.


CDW continues to mobilize internal teams and elevate collaboration with our customers and technology partners to meet increasing demand and growth for environmentally certified and socially responsible products. Our goal is to be able to offer customers a full stack of solutions to help them address their ESG priorities, primarily through an extensive portfolio of environmentally certified products (ENERGY STAR Certified, TCO Certified, and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Compliant), and a broad range of cloud-based solutions that improve energy efficiency.

The Sustainability Solutions section of our website showcases CDW’s sustainability offerings and enables customers to search for and order ESG products and solutions. In add to the e-commerce capabilities, the site includes links to ESG-related services, including our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program for proper device wiping, removal and recycling services for devices that are no longer in use.

CDW’s ITAD services address the three key core components of an effective asset disposition program:

  • Redeployment of devices that are still functional and meet the organization’s requirements that can be allocated to other employees or for different uses.
  • Remarketing retired IT assets to be resold to the open market or donated. 
  • Recycling by breaking down IT equipment into its basic components to extract valuable materials, which can be recycled into the manufacturing of new goods. 


CDW’s vendor partners and suppliers are a critical extension of our company and vital to our success. Our relationships with more than 1,000 leading and emerging vendor partners enable us to provide customers with access to over 100,000 products and services, combined with CDW’s technical resources and logistics capabilities.

Implementing and adhering to comprehensive policies, conducting regular audits and engaging in ongoing dialogue are crucial to our continued success. Our Gold rating from EcoVadis places CDW within the top 3% of all assessed companies, and top 5% of assessed companies within the category of sustainable procurement.

Our expectations for honesty, integrity and ethics are defined in The CDW Way Code, our Partner Guide and our Position on Human Trafficking and Slavery (California Supply Chains Act and UK Modern Slavery Act).


Since the inception of our business diversity program in 2007, CDW has sought to promote diverse supplier participation representative of our customers and communities that contributes to sustainable economic growth.

CDW is helping local economies grow at scale by fostering a fair and competitive environment for all businesses, regardless of size or background. Our market leaders lend their regional supplier diversity and supply chain expertise to collaborate with our customers and supplier partners to craft personalized solutions. 

CDW provides formal and informal mentorship to grow and scale diverse businesses. Our mentor-protégé program is designed to enhance diverse partners’ capabilities, assist in meeting development goals and improve their ability to compete for and win contracts. The program promotes access by working directly with diverse partners to share guidance and training on topics such as how to process orders and cultivate a relationship with a next-level leader.

Visit our Business Diversity webpage to learn more about how CDW invests time building partnerships with our diverse suppliers and in working side-by-side with them to serve our customers.


We are committed to building new and expanding existing nonprofit partnerships throughout the world that align with our purpose and values. Consistent with our belief in the transformative power of technology, we have focused our social impact commitments to address digital equity by:

  • Providing Access: We help ensure people have access to the technology they need, including computers, software and internet connectivity.
  • Supporting Education: We power initiatives that excite learners about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as computer science and digital literacy.
  • Building Our Workforce: We’re committed to diversity and inclusion and are actively creating a technology industry that reflects the world we live in.

We are working to scale social impact efforts globally and provide the best experience possible for our customers, partners and stakeholders.

To learn more about our digital inclusion efforts, visit our Social Impact webpage.

CDW coworkers and partners from Lenovo pose for a photo at Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto donation drive.