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CDW, Intel and Chance the Rapper Use Technology to Empower Chicago Students

Closing the digital divide and ensuring teachers and students have access to technology is a key focus of CDW’s community engagement efforts. That’s why we recently teamed up with Intel and Chance the Rapper to provide computers and internet access to students with diverse learning needs in Chicago.

To help local children with virtual learning, the partnering organizations deployed more than 15,000 devices to underserved school districts in urban and rural areas within and surrounding the city. The team donated an additional 500 laptops to 11 schools within the Chicago Public School District to help students successfully continue their education during the pandemic.

CDW and Intel partnered with SocialWorks, a nonprofit founded by Chance to empower local youth through arts, education and civic engagement. The Chicago-born singer-songwriter and record producer credits the opportunities he had growing up to his access to mentorships and after-school programming, and understands the essential role computers and the internet have played in education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It's our duty to help the next generation, and we're excited to partner up with them and get this thing going," said Chance.

CDW’s involvement in the partnership furthers our mission to close the digital divide across communities and provide access to technology and internet to those without it. Perhaps CDW Field Account Executive Rafal Libelt said it best: “Continuing to reduce that digital gap is the easiest and fastest way to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed.” 

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