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IT teams face constant pressure to focus on strategic initiatives and increase productivity while keeping costs low. We get it. That’s why our professional services team is there to help you get the most out of your IT solution. Our nationwide team is with you every step of the way, from assessing your environment and long-term objectives to designing and implementing a custom solution complete with hands-on training and ongoing support.

Designing and implementing a new IT solution that aligns with your business goals

Selecting the right IT solution is only half the battle—you need to plan and roll out that solution while juggling multiple priorities. You need your staff to be more productive. You need to bring down operational costs. And you need a superior customer experience to stand out from the competition. That's a tall order.

IT solutions coordinated by CDW Professional Services

Our project managers and consultants work directly with you to design and implement every facet of your IT solution. After assessing your current environment and business objectives, they’ll produce a detailed project blueprint. Partnering with your existing staff, they'll oversee the full implementation of the solution. Then they'll QA it. And troubleshoot it. And lead an in-depth closeout meeting to make sure your team is ready to take the reins. Our end-to-end support ensures that your solution can do it all: improve customer experience, increase efficiency and free up your team to focus on what really matters—your business.

A custom solution built with your goals in mind

Conserve Resources: Lower your maintenance and operational costs with the right hardware or virtualized solution.

Free Up Your Staff: The less time your staff needs to spend on routine maintenance, the more resources you have for mission-critical projects.

Gain a Competitive Edge: Your customers want it all—high-speed Wi-Fi, multichannel shopping, 24/7 support—and we help you supply it.

See What We Can Do for You

Our professional services team—over 1,000 professionals strong—deploys out of 24 U.S. locations to deliver the personal service that helps you understand and meet your business and technology needs. Maintaining top certifications from the likes of ITIL, HIPAA and Cisco, we have the expertise to roll out custom onsite and cloud solutions across diverse industries in the public and private sector.

Data Center Services


now your data center is a profit center

Data center maintenance can quickly eat through your IT budget. Our data center upgrades help you cut costs by replacing high-maintenance hardware with converged infrastructure and virtualized network and storage resources.

Your Data Center is a Dumping Ground

We've got the skills to rebuild, reorganize and optimize your data center. Learn more about our data center assessment and implementation services (pdf).

Cut Down YourServer Count

Virtualized servers help you get more bang for your hardware buck while increasing efficiency.

Build a BetterBackup System

We'll help you streamline data deduplication across environments for faster disaster recovery.

Simplify Mergersand Acquisitions

We can advise you on even the most complex data migration projects.

Your Data Center and the Cloud

Cloud storage reduces your dependence on high-maintenance hardware and helps you mitigate risk by ensuring business continuity, fast disaster recovery and compliance with relevant industry regulations. Our team can help you select the right cloud apps and cloud solutions for your business.

Networking Services


you're ready to scale for tomorrow

There's more traffic on your network than ever before, and trends such as BYOD, video conferencing and virtualized computing are only getting bigger. Before you implement any new IT solution, our team will assess the impact on your network bandwidth and recommend upgrades as needed. From next generation network overhauls to WAN optimization, our priority is to keep your data moving.

Does Your Network Need Life Support?

When your data stops flowing, your productivity could flatline. Here's how we can help.

Quality of Service

We'll help you prioritize your communication needs with your applications to reduce redundancies and increase efficiency.

A Network That Grows With You

Adding new branches? Planning a merger or acquisition?
We'll help you optimize your network for big changes.

Your Network and the Cloud

What if you no longer had to spend time maintaining and updating your network? What if you could eliminate the costs of server and hardware security? How much would your organization save—and how much more could you accomplish—if your network was hosted in the cloud? Our team can design and implement Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that benefits your business. Learn more (webinar).

Mobility Services


now you've set productivity in motion

As BYOD becomes the norm, your organization needs a control center for employee-owned and corporate-owned smartphones, tablets and laptops. Our team will help you optimize your wireless network for BYOD while prioritizing efficiency and security.

Achieve Total Mobility Management

Mobility can eat up IT resources like a black hole. Here's how we can help you achieve total mobility management.

Total MobilityManagement

We'll design and implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that plugs in to your existing infrastructure.

Triple-ThreatMobile Security

Our holistic approach to mobile security helps keep your network, devices and data secure.


We offer standardized iOS and
Android imaging services that make mobility easy.

Mobility and the Cloud

From cloud collaboration to cloud security to cloud-based wireless access points, we can recommend a cloud solution that frees up more of your resources while elevating your team's mobility and productivity.

Security Services


now you've got defense in depth

Security goes deeper than your hardware, software and applications. It touches every layer of your network infrastructure and requires a holistic defense strategy that aligns people, processes and policies. We prioritize security in everything that we do, but we also specialize in security assessments and overhauls to safeguard one of your most precious assets—your data.

Meet Your First Line of Defense

We can help fortify your security across networks, servers, clients and applications.

We Get Information Security

Our security penetration testing team performs detailed assessments to root out vulnerabilities in your systems and policies. Learn more about our security assessments (pdf).

We Get Network Security

From firewalls and IPS to data encryption and password policies, we know how to protect your network.

Security and the Cloud

Cloud-based security is great for businesses that have neither the time nor the budget for a dedicated security professional. The applications act as a gateway between network traffic and end users both in and out of the office, delivering anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, web traffic monitoring and protection, and email scanning. Our cloud and security teams work together to assess your environment and risk level before recommending any cloud program, ensuring your sensitive data the highest level of protection. Learn more about cloud security.

Unified Communication and Collaboration Services


now you can achieve more together

Communication is the lifeblood of every business. Whether workers are collaborating with colleagues down the hall or solving problems for customers across the ocean, success depends on being able to gather, share and apply knowledge. Our experts will assess your business needs and help you design and implement a custom unified communication and collaboration (UCC) plan.

Prepare for a Next-Generation Contact Center

Customers now expect omnichannel interaction and are engaging via IM, video, social media and email demanding an immediate and personal response. We can help you provide it while also increasing efficiency through automation and productivity reports—see how.

Telephony Done Your Way

Whether you're upgrading to VoIP phones or high-def video conferencing, we can help you design and build a telephony system that works for you.

Instant Collaboration

From implementing a new instant messaging program to designing, installing and securing an enterprise intranet, we can set your team up for more creative collaboration.

UCC and the Cloud

Besides cloud collaboration services such as video conferencing and hosted telephony, our teams can also help you leverage the cloud for data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI). We'll set you up with a custom dashboard that delivers the data you need in real time to spot problems before they happen and make strategic business decisions.


We try to understand the business reason they need us — not just how the technology works. It’s not just the ones and zeros. It’s what really makes our customers successful.

-Bill Horejs, Director of CDW Professional Services

We don't have the time to keep up with the latest developments with proxy security devices, so we really appreciated CDW’s guidance. They really helped us sort out all the networking and security issues.

-Stephen Rudolf, Director of Technology Infrastructure at CentiMark

Read more (pdf).

I knew I could really rely on [CDW] to manage all of the details I didn't have the resources or time to manage.

-Jeffrey Groff, IT Manager at the Campbell Group

Read more (pdf).

the cdw approach

At CDW, we help you maximize the return on your IT investments by supporting the full lifecycle of your important IT initiatives, from assessment and design to deployment and ongoing management.





Our professional services team helps you assess your business objectives and identify opportunities for improvements; walks you through the design process by recommending relevant technologies and services; and oversees the full deployment of your solution.

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