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Mission-Focused IT

Your technology decisions help fuel your impact on the world. Emerging trends in cloud technology, data analytics and mobility can help you achieve your goals. That’s why you need an IT partner who gets it — a partner who can help you successfully address multiple priorities with the right technology solutions. Because you’re responsible for secure, reliable and flexible operations that strengthen your organization’s impact, CDW’s Nonprofit team is here for you. See how we can help (pdf).

Top Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2016

CDW Goes International with Kelway

CDW Nonprofit and Kelway, a European-based IT solutions company, reach across complex markets with international logistics capabilities for global NGOs. Learn more.

Scaling Up Mobile Technology for Good

Discover how mobile is impacting nonprofits and where organizations like yours are increasing their mobile tech spending with CDW. View the infographic (pdf).


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Managed Services

Save up to 40% on CDW Managed Services, including security and cloud services. Learn more (pdf).


Get 10 free Box Starter Edition Licenses and up to 50% off on additional licenses. Learn more (pdf).


Save on comprehensive cloud security with competitive discounts. Learn more (pdf).

The Right IT for Any Cause

Your nonprofit organization works tirelessly to achieve its mission, often with limited staff and resources. You can be confident our experts understand your unique IT challenges and can turn to our national partnerships to maximize results. We help you leverage IT solutions to better manage your budgets and resources, expand member/donor engagement and strengthen your impact.

IT for Associations


and you’ve got the perfect IT solution

Nonprofit associations must implement technology solutions that are both low cost and effective. With a strong understanding of association needs, our nonprofit account managers ensure that any technology upgrade will address your organization’s issues and open the door to innovative solutions. We have experience working with numerous technology solutions that enable you to do more with less.

The thing I value most about CDW is that they're always looking at things from a holistic point of view, which means that they're looking first at helping me find the right solution for my needs. They're less worried about what product I select than whether or not it's going to work with the rest of my environment and deliver the results that I need.

— Ed Beck, National Restaurant Association CIO; read more (pdf)

Maximize Your Resources with Cloud Technology

Cloud solutions help you minimize infrastructure investment, adjust IT capacity to changing needs, streamline administration, and improve donor and staff communication. Learn more about nonprofit cloud solutions (pdf).

Stay in Touch with Collaboration Solutions

Whether you're launching a fundraising campaign, tackling member engagement or convening an online brainstorming session with board members across your region, the ability to tap into a vast array of unified communications tools can make all the difference. Find out more.

IT for faith-based organizations


and you’ve the right IT for your needs

We know faith-based nonprofits operate differently from other organizations; they routinely collect member contributions and need to track attendance and involvement in multiple groups and activities. Our nonprofit account managers are here to help you integrate new technology into your environment, solve communication problems and manage donor-related issues at the pace that works for you — and your members.

Advance Your Mission with the Right IT Solutions

The right IT partner can turn challenges into opportunities. Learn how we can help (pdf).

IT for Foundations


and you’ve got IT that grows with you

Technology is an integral part of a nonprofit foundation’s growth and recognition. Whether you’re worried about social giving or tighter federal regulations, you can rely on our nonprofit account managers to suggest technology solutions to address your specific needs. Working with us can help you free up staff and volunteers to focus on your foundation’s mission.

Fundraise Anywhere with Mobile POS

Mobile POS allows you to accept donations wherever your donors are. Learn more about mPOS.

Secure Donor Data

We can help you strengthen information security with a comprehensive, proactive approach that protects your infrastructure and your data, inside the office and beyond. Learn more about nonprofit security (pdf).

Our knowledge of the complex nonprofit landscape, as well as the individual technology needs of each type of foundation — independent, operating, community or corporate — can help your foundation better support its charitable activities and serve the common good. Learn more (pdf).

IT for Museums and Zoos


and your smart institution has smart tech

Cultural institutions, such as museums and zoos, battle increased competition for the public’s financial and physical patronage. CDW Nonprofit recognizes that identifying — and implementing — the right IT solutions can boost your institution’s success. We’re here to provide the guidance you need to integrate technology into your institution at a pace that works for you, your employees and volunteers, and your visitors.

Streamline Transactions with mPOS

Mobile POS systems can help you make more gift shop sales or accept donations on the fly. Learn more about mPOS.

Put Your Data to Work

Data analytics can create actionable insights around visitor traffic and donor spending. Learn more about business intelligence.

Get the Right IT Solutions

The right IT partner can turn challenges into opportunities. Learn how we can help (pdf).

IT for Social Service Organizations


and you can do good with good tech

Technology has dramatically changed the way social service organizations raise funds in recent years. Nonprofits that have adapted to mobile giving and social media campaigns have reaped financial rewards. Our nonprofit account managers have experience working with all types of social service organizations and can help you address your technology needs and implement a cost-effective solution.

Make Your Staff Mobile

We’ll help you plan and implement a mobile device management policy that keeps your staff productive and secure. Learn about mobile device management.

Keep Client Data Safe

We can help you strengthen information security with a comprehensive, proactive approach that protects your infrastructure and your data, inside the office and beyond. Learn more about nonprofit cybersecurity.

We understand that social service organizations have unique IT requirements and challenges. We're here to provide the technology guidance you need — including access to like-minded organizations — so you can make the right IT decisions for your organization at a pace that works for your staff and volunteers. Learn more (pdf).

IT for Think Tanks



To help you maximize limited resources, we partner with leading technology vendors that offer special or discounted pricing to nonprofits. Working with a broad range of nonprofit organizations allows our account managers to share proven practices and successful solutions across our customer base. Our involvement in thought-leading industry consortia keeps us on top of developing trends, changing regulations and new policies.

The real value of CDW is in the broad portfolio of products and services that they can offer us.

— Jake Marshak, Senior Director, IT Services and Infrastructure at The Brookings Institution

Strengthen Your Data Center

Make sure your data center can keep up with increasing data storage, power and cooling, and backup demands. Learn more about data center solutions.

Put Your Data to Work

Data analytics can create actionable insights for your research and budget planning. Learn more about business intelligence.

Remote Workforce Management



The nonprofit workforce is on the go and working remotely, which means nonprofits must leverage mobile technology, like WeWi Solar Notebooks (pdf), to increase operational efficiency, improve communication, reduce IT costs, accept donations in the field and impact their mission.

By 2018, 2.5 million organizations will have adopted mobile workforce management solutions, a 21% increase over current numbers.

SOURCE:, "8 Mobile Workforce Management Trends," September 2015

Streamline Time-Consuming Daily Tasks

A mobile workforce management solution is a proven way for nonprofits to coordinate activities for staff who are always on the go. See our infographic (pdf) to learn more.

Mobility Empowers Your Workfoce

Nonprofits can leverage mobile technology to increase operational efficiency, improve communication, reduce IT costs and more. See how we can help (pdf).

Making Mobility Work for Nonprofits

A comprehensive mobility strategy can help nonprofit organizations tackle their specific IT challenges. Read our white paper (pdf) to learn more.


Stephanie, a senior nonprofit account manager, is helping a prominent Washington think tank audit and organize the support contracts on 1,700 pieces of HP equipment.

When the project is complete, they can just call to get the support they need when they need it without a fire drill every time. We’ll also help them merge four or five HP contracts into just one or two to simplify asset management.

Rob, a nonprofit executive account manager, is helping a large international church refresh a fleet of 6,000 desktops. From software imaging to flash drive bundles, Rob ensures CDW is a one-stop tech shop for nonprofits.

Like any organization, nonprofits still need IT and they still need tech, but you still have to connect to their mission and who they are. We have resources set up specifically to cover nonprofits. We really take the time to understand and know their market.


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