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Work from home productivity involves more than just a functioning laptop. Networks need enough capacity and secure endpoints for workers to access their files and applications from anywhere, and employees need access to cloud applications to take full advantage of the collaboration tools available to them. CDW can help you build or expand your WFH strategy so employees can accomplish more in more places.

Work From Home Technology

There’s plenty to plan for, but you won’t need to plan alone. CDW can help you get your work from home and remote work initiatives launched quickly and with the functionality your workforce needs to be successful. At CDW, we get work from home.

CDW Solution Insights

As you build and maintain your work from home or hybrid work infrastructure, CDW would like to share tips, strategies and insights on technologies to power your plans. Browse the linked stories, blogs and Research Hub for insight on how to build and maintain the wide variety of key solutions.

CDW Amplified ™ Services

At CDW, we understand that your ability to serve the productivity needs of your end users now extends beyond the physical office. The current, rapid-shifting need for work from home infrastructure demands proactiveness and foresight. When time isn’t on your side, we are. Our experts know what to look for and how to design for your immediate challenges. We'll help you find work from home solutions that can be designed and deployed in days, not months. Products, assessments, security and everything you haven't thought of - whatever it is and however fast you need it, we're here to help make it happen.

Work from Home Videos

Moving Fast to Adopt WFH

How do you respond with speed and precision when an emergency arises and your IT team must adapt to keep your organization working seamlessly? Learn how one organization accomplished this by working with CDW.

Overcoming WFH Migration Challenges

Big or small, every organization faces WFH migration challenges. Learn how one multi-national organization built out their WFH solutions successfully.

Healthcare Solutions

Learn how a large healthcare organization had to address rapidly changing situations and found a solution that delivered results to their patients and staff.

Work from Home Solutions


From laptops and mobile phones to personal devices, ensure the endpoints your users utilize are secure in a remote work environment.


Provide your employees with a reliable, secure work-from-anywhere experience.


Empower your employees to work from home securely with mobility solutions to meet their needs.


Not every employee is used to working from home. The right collaboration tools can help make the transition to telecommuting smoother.

Application Delivery

Ensure secure and consistent access to critical applications for your work from home employees with solutions such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and remote desktops.

Print from Home and Printer Supplies Continuity

Provide printing capabilities to meet the needs of your new remote users, as well as your remaining office staff.

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