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CDW Managed Services Let You Focus on Growth

The technology that supports your organization needs support of its own. And the more time your team spends keeping things running, the less time they have to move your organization forward. At CDW, we can help you manage your most complex infrastructure and applications with holistic, secure solutions. We can tailor our services to your goals and identify the service level that meets your needs and budget. 

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See What Our Managed Services Can Do For You

Promote Innovation, Improve Performance and Reduce Risk

Free from the burden of everyday management tasks, your IT staff can focus on ways to create better experiences and move your organization forward with the latest technologies. We can help you streamline operations throughout your organization. Our managed services team helps put the right people, process and tools in place so you can operate as efficiently as possible — with 24/7 coverage to keep your systems running and reduce risk of failure.

Colocation Center Services

With a global network of over 2,000 partner facilities, we help you take advantage of cloud computing regardless of your network or geographic requirements. We'll help you deploy and manage as much of the cloud environment, applications and experiences as you choose. You'll get:

  • Reliable, secure facilities with N+1 (or greater) redundancy with 99.99% up time, if required
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Managed hosting for IT infrastructure
  • Powerful high-density racks
  • High-performance network peering
  • Colocation services that scale from a single cabinet to an entire data center

Connectivity Services

CDW works with more than 90 global telecommunications companies to help our clients connect their most critical communications, infrastructure, applications and workloads. We offer:

  • Global WAN, SD WAN and IP services
  • Custom fiber
  • Hosted VoIP/SIP
  • Low Latency Transport
  • Managed networks

Managed Cloud Services

We specialize in migrating, integrating and managing cloud services so your organization can focus on its core mission rather than IT operations. We offer professionally managed services whether your infrastructure is on premises, in the cloud or a hybrid platform. We build custom solutions for:

Elastic Engineering Services

CDW offers Elastic Engineering services that provide businesses and organizations with the additional resources they need – when they need it. Our engineers can help you with those special tasks and projects fast, at no upfront cost, at an hourly rate. What we help with:

  • Cloud Architecture Assessment
  • Cloud Security Review
  • Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Migration
  • End User Computing
  • Cloud FinOps Services
  • Cloud DevOps Services

Managed Services for Microsoft 365®

We understand the importance of being able to focus on strategic initiatives while ensuring operational compliance. Our flexible services span across daily operations, monitoring, reporting, administration, advisory and support services for the Microsoft 365® tenant environment as Client Global Admins.

  • Reduce the burden on Client staff
  • Improve overall solution management strategies
  • Get expert management and support services around the clock
  • Stay ahead of the curve with constantly evolving Microsoft 365


CDW can design, orchestrate and manage technology services that put innovation to work to solve your unique challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

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CDW can design, orchestrate and manage technology services that put innovation to work to solve your unique challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.