November 06, 2023

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Access the Power of Managed Security Services

Discover how managed security services can revolutionize IT departments. Uncover the benefits, challenges and CDW’s expertise in this transformative landscape.

The current digital era is characterized by fast-paced technological advancements that pose challenges to IT departments. These departments are tasked with managing daily operations while keeping up with the dynamic technological landscape to remain competitive. IT departments are constantly bombarded with new threats and require specialized skill sets to keep up with them. This is where managed service providers (MSPs) come in, providing a valuable and cost-effective solution to empower IT departments, solve problems, and help them achieve their desired outcomes.

This article will focus on managed security services, which are an integral part of a broader managed services approach. These services are becoming increasingly important in helping organizations address security challenges effectively. We'll examine how MSPs deliver comprehensive security solutions, the common challenges they help overcome, and how CDW can assist you in securing your IT infrastructure.

Why Managed Services?

Managed services are the lifeline that many IT departments need in today's digital world. Whether for proactive or reactive reasons, they provide a valuable opportunity to augment internal capabilities and offload ongoing maintenance and optimization tasks so that IT teams can focus on strategic initiatives.

Security Challenges Resolved

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex and dangerous, security has emerged as a top challenge. MSPs offer specialized services to tackle this critical pain point. With managed security services, you'll receive the benefits such as the ones below and more:

  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Managed detection and response
  • Firewall management and support
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Vulnerability scanning

These services help organizations address security issues proactively, increase visibility and expedite problem resolution, all while mitigating risks. With the constant evolution of threats, organizations are recognizing that partnering with MSPs is the most efficient way to keep their IT environments secure.

The Benefits of Managed Services

While security is paramount, the advantages of managed services extend well beyond the security landscape. MSPs ease the management of complex areas like cloud solutions and application services all while streamlining networking, driving innovation, optimizing budgets, augmenting staff and minimizing downtime. Partnering with MSPs helps you achieve your organization’s desired outcomes effectively.

Select an MSP With Expertise in Managed Security Services

At CDW, we understand the importance of security in the modern IT landscape. We provide customized, vendor-agnostic solutions to help organizations achieve their critical security objectives. CDW Managed Security Services focuses on:

  • Ongoing engineering and fine-tuning to resolve security issues
  • Reducing false positives and advancing security posture
  • Allowing your internal IT teams to focus on strategic endeavors

If you’re looking for a managed services provider, an MSP who has strong relationships with major technology vendors and a wealth of insights about emerging trends and innovations are key, and understanding how to put that knowledge to the best use within your specific environment is essential. So, when you’re seeking managed services for your security needs, don’t go easy on asking questions about a provider's capabilities. Your organization’s security is preeminent. Choose a provider with the confidence and expertise needed to secure your organization's critical data and infrastructure.

Whether it's addressing security challenges, optimizing budgets or enhancing operational efficiency, MSPs and managed security services are the keys to success in today’s modern IT landscape. Embrace the power of managed services and unlock the true potential of your IT environment.

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Brian Reichart

Managed Services Solutions Sales Specialist
Brian Reichart is a Managed Services Solutions Sales Specialist for CDW. With over 28 years of experience in the IT services industry, he has designed, sold, implemented and managed complex IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing solutions across various sectors, including healthcare, communications, manufacturing, retail, insurance and financial services.