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Power Strips & Surge Suppressors. Orchestrated by CDW.

Power strips and surge protectors come in a wide range of layouts with varying numbers of ports to meet your unique electrical demands. Equipped with multiple outlets, they help expand your wall outlets for increased efficiency. Surge suppressors have built-in safeguards that keep your equipment safe from power fluctuations to prevent electrical damage. 

Power Distribution Strip

When it comes to powering server-level hardware and enterprise networking equipment, basic surge protectors and power strips may not be enough. Power distribution strips regulate large amounts of electricity between rack-mountable equipment. These easily mountable accessories not only work to protect your devices but, when paired with other power solutions, improve your network infrastructure overall.

Power Distribution Units

PDUs or power distribution units are perfect for locations with large amounts of sophisticated equipment such as computer rooms, network closets, or data centers. These devices allow you to connect many various pieces of hardware without worrying about voltage or power consumption issues. Convenient features such as mounting clips or straps give power distribution units the ability to be mounted in almost any location. To learn more about PDUs and other business power solutions, speak with an expert at CDW today.

Surge Protector

One of the most forgotten yet critical pieces of office equipment is the surge protector. This seemingly basic device is the first line of defense for your hardware. Not only do surge protectors prevent damage from such events as brownouts or blown fuses, but they also increase the number of viable power plugs in any location. You can browse a wide range of surge protectors and other power solutions at CDW today. 

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