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Emerging Startup Technology Solutions

Emerging startups need to prove that they are building a valuable product that solves a problem. CDW’s experts will provide advice and constructive insights as you try to build your first product and seek out validation. Whether you are bootstrapping or have raised a seed round, at CDW we don’t believe in “too small” and we will treat your business with as much care and respect as we would a large corporate company.


As one of your first technology investments, hosting is also one of the most critical as you consider cost of ownership over time. CDW partners with hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as well as many Infrastructure as a Service providers.


As an early-stage startup, it’s critical to have systems in place to protect your ideas and your investor and customers’ information as you build those key relationships to grow your business. CDW can help your company develop a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that also sets your business up well for investor due diligence.

Being Agile Means Never Flying Blind

Having real-time insights into how your product is performing as well as the infrastructure and platforms that support it is essential. CDW has a suite of logging, incident management, infrastructure and application monitoring tools to help.

No Matter How Big or Small, Your Startup Needs Cybersecurity

Most attacks are now carried out by automated malicious software and scripts that seek out vulnerable computers and networks regardless of the size and nature of the organization. CDW offers solutions for web and email security, cloud security, data and device security, as well as managed security services.

Leverage CDW’s Tech Partnerships to Power Your Business

To ensure that your startup can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible when it comes to technology, take advantage of CDW’s partnership with over 1,000 top technology brands. Learn more about how CDW can help your startup with cloud, hybrid and on-premise technology solutions using the best products the industry has to offer.

Why CDW for Seed and Pre-Seed Startups?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for startups. We have over 20 years of experience in diverse industries to help your company with everything from product development to leasing services.

Our IT consultants and managed services experts keep your operations running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business and securing critical Series A funding.

Build the right technology foundation for your emerging startup.