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CDW gets the unique challenges facing startups 
— we used to be one.

We work directly with your funding partners, and our extensive portfolio of solutions scales with you. Request your free consultation for CDW-exclusive offers like pre-negotiated pricing, Membership  Shipping options, no-cost technical resources and more.

CDW gets the unique challenges facing startups — we used to be one.

We work directly with your funding partners, and our extensive portfolio of solutions scales with you. Request your consultation for CDW-exclusive offers like pre-negotiated pricing, Membership Shipping options, no-cost technical resources and more.

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Build the infrastructure that takes you from idea to market.

Emerging startups need to prove to angel investors that they are building a valuable product without burning through cash too fast. CDW designs technology bundles and managed services that meet the needs of seed and pre-seed startups at a discount, so you can keep IT costs low.

Build your first product quickly and easliy.

CDW offers digital design and development services as well as Platform and Infrastructure as a Service, so you can go to market quicker and with fewer headaches.

Make security the fabric of your business.

Lock down proprietary ideas and keep network security central to your operations. CDW offers services in web and email security, cloud security, data and device security, and managed security services.

Give your team the tools they need.

Communicate securely and effectively with customers, suppliers and investors with CDW’s portfolio of productivity suites. Plus, our expert analysis can help you save on hardware spend by optimizing device lifecycles.

Create a reliable and secure website.

Boost your online marketing strategy with the right web hosting provider. CDW’s managed and dedicated hosting platforms and public cloud services can help you spread the word about your business.



Our Startup Incubator Partnerships

We partner with leading startup incubators and accelerators to lead mentoring sessions and seminars dedicated to solving technology problems in a startup environment. Meet our startup incubator and accelerator partners.

Why CDW for Seed and Pre-Seed Startups?

Build the right IT foundation for your emerging startup.
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Keep IT overhead low so you can continue to work on what matters.

Take your lean startup to the next level. CDW takes the pressure off managing IT so that growing startups can concentrate on testing and improving their product, making strategic hires and proving to venture capital firms that they’re ready for Series B and Series C funding.

Set your office up right, the first time.

CDW Office-in-a-Box offers a hosted phone system, network connectivity, SaaS productivity suites and secure endpoints — all sourced, configured, deployed and managed by us, so your operations stay seamless.

Simplify employee onboarding.

Efficient and effective employee onboarding is key to a productive office. CDW can custom-configure laptops, distribute devices to your end users anywhere in the world and deploy SaaS tools on your behalf. 

Focus on your core business model.

CDW IT-as-a-Service augments or outsources your IT team, ensuring your business runs smoother and grows faster. Our network monitoring and management capabilities, helpdesk services, managed security and more keep IT issues from bottlenecking your operations.

Manage cash burn.

CDW account managers help you assess the best tools for your business at the best price, so your costs stay lower than revenue as you prepare to scale. Plus, CDW offers Net 30 credit and leasing terms for your tech solutions.

Why CDW for Growing Startups?

Manage runaway IT costs before they stifle your growth.
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Keep up with customer and market demands and set the pace for sustainable growth.

Startups that are ready to begin scaling must acquire the technology to keep testing new ideas and stay relevant in the market. CDW partners with venture capitalists to deliver relevance to their portfolio companies through our relationships with our technology partners. Our experts can design technology solutions for strategic business transformation that keep your competitors at bay while you keep scaling.

Deliver a consistent customer experience.

Customers expect a simple and seamless experience and on-demand assistance. CDW can help you keep up with demand, minimize downtime and acquire new assets with data center services like application integration, data migration, content delivery, analytics, hybrid cloud adoption and more.

Maintain brand integrity.

Your customer base can become a huge target for cybercriminals. CDW’s security services — including comprehensive vulnerability testing, proactive threat monitoring and incident response, Disaster Recover as a Service, and identity and access management — can help you keep customer data protected and preserve public trust in your brand.

Drive strategic transformation.

Eliminate inefficiencies that slow your business and build a future-proof data center that keeps up with your growth and with new technologies. CDW can help you optimize your cloud spend for every environment, seamlessly integrate systems across multiple platforms and help you stay compliant as you enter new markets and territories.

Why CDW for Mature Startups?

Our experts can give you the infrastructure to keep up your momentum.
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