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Amazing happens when you have the right solution, right when you need it.

Running a business is challenging. CDW Rubi® is our quick, frictionless purchasing platform with features like order tracking, detailed billing and reporting. Plus, easy access to expert partners means you can focus on your customers, not your technology.

CDW Offers Ease of Experience

Keep your business running smoothly and efficiently without lengthy processes slowing you down. Your business faces unique challenges and no one can better communicate your IT needs than you.

CDW offers Ease of Experience in simplifying and speeding up your innovation by connecting you with the right technological solutions, services and experts who can help you leverage advanced tools to enhance and grow your business. 

In addition to our robust support, CDW Rubi® helps you enjoy the benefits of your online account, including exclusive discounts and seamless self-service options that let you run your business without interruptions.

Why Choose CDW for Your Small Business Needs?

Take advantage of our comprehensive solutions and let us help you achieve great things.


With 40 years of experience, CDW has spent time decoding the hurdles and unique business needs of organizations both nationally and internationally. 

CDW 40 Years Experience

Precision and Efficiency

Our CDW Rubi® platform offers quick purchasing, quote management, order visibility and detailed billing and reporting, all designed to streamline your operations.

CDW Experts and Partners

Gain access to expert insights and recommendations, ensuring you select and implement the right technology solutions the first time. 

CDW Small Business Experts and Partners

Our Small Business Partners

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Get Advice from Our Small Business Experts

Take advantage of CDW's comprehensive solutions and let us help you achieve great things.

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