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Make smart manufacturing happen.

From digital transformation to process automation to IoT integration, CDW has the full-stack expertise to help manufacturing customers harness the power of technology on the road to Industry 4.0.

Modernizing Manufacturing for the Road Ahead

Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to remain competitive in the face of rising material costs, supply chain issues and rapidly changing markets. At the most fundamental level, there’s the physical need to maintain productivity, maximize efficiency and prevent costly downtime. And, at the same time, they need to enhance the employee lifecycle to ensure they continue to attract and retain skilled, productive talent at every level.

The right technology solutions to meet these challenges span a variety of disciplines and cross multiple areas of responsibility on both sides of the IT/OT divide within a manufacturing organization, which can leave many organizations wondering where to start.

Transformation Today for a Digital Future

No matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, CDW’s experts are ready to help you get started with the latest technology to enhance operational efficiency, improve safety and gain a competitive advantage.

Reduce Risk with Video Surveillance and Video Analytics

From greater physical security to more efficient operations, enhanced video surveillance drives better business outcomes for manufacturers. Advanced video cameras with technologies like motion detection analytics can aid in accident prevention and monitor workflows, and IP video platforms with integrated analytics deliver insights that optimize your operations and protect your plant.

Organizations are also using video analytics powered by AI and machine learning to gain additional insights in every phase of the manufacturing process.

CDW experts are ready to help you implement, augment, automate and enhance your video surveillance capabilities to bring greater visibility, security and efficiency to your operations.

CDW Solutions for Modern Manufacturing

CDW experts are ready to help you take the next step toward modernizing every aspect of your manufacturing operations. We’ll help you assess your needs and goals, and then put together a strategic plan to make it happen.

Infrastructure Modernization

Our team of experts can assess your needs to architect the right combination of on-premises and cloud-based solutions to meet your workflow needs today and scale seamlessly for tomorrow’s opportunities.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Get unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the production process to drive significant efficiency improvements, maximize uptime, improve inventory intelligence, ensure supply chain resilience and more.

Data Analytics and Governance

Manufacturers have a vast amount of data to manage. CDW experts can help your organization leverage the data and apply AI to derive insights as part of a larger business intelligence strategy to help drive operational efficiency.

Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX)

Leverage artificial intelligence with our ICX team to increase satisfaction for your customers and employees, improve operational efficiencies, empower your human agents and gain improved business insights.


Seamless Digital Transformation

See how CDW helped a leading manufacturing company embark on a transformative journey as they sought a highly scalable and resilient application and infrastructure presence to address performance and scalability challenges.

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