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December 11, 2023

Use Case
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What would ransomware cost your business?

To take their security program to the next level, a customer worked with CDW to engage executive leadership during a Ransomware Recovery Workshop.

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Championing security within the C-suite

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of CEOs are involved in authorizing and approving purchases of security products and services1

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increase in the average cost of a ransomware attack year over year ($5.13 million in 2023)2

How can IT leaders prove the value of security investments?

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Executives want more ransomware protection

The executive board of a sorbent products manufacturer had recently given their IT organization a directive to implement tooling that would help protect the company against a ransomware attack.
A significant amount of their clients’ personal identifiable information (PII) was stored within the customer’s support ticket structure. In the event of a ransomware attack, there was a substantial business risk of data exfiltration and downtime.
Working with CDW, the customer outlined their needs:
  • Align executive decision-makers on a solution
  • Fortify the security approach to mitigate risk
  • Save on operation and management costs
  • Consolidate the existing backup hardware footprint

Ransomware workshops secure buy-in

After working with the customer to understand the full scope of the ask, CDW recommended the Rubrik cybersecurity platform for its ability to meet the customer’s cyber insurance and new board-level ransomware requirements. Rubrik empowers a consolidated solution for on-premises, M365, archival backups and data protection.

CDW and Rubrik had several technical discussions with the customer’s IT team, demonstrating different solution offerings to ensure that they met and exceeded the board’s expectations. A secondary Ransomware Recovery Workshop for the customer’s executive team, including the CEO, helped every decision-maker understand the impact a ransomware event would have on their business.

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Predicting over $8 million in saved losses

Based on CDW’s analysis at the Ransomware Recovery Workshop, an attack would cost the customer a negative impact of around $9 million. By implementing the Rubrik solution, the estimated cost of losses could be drastically cut to only around $290,000.
The workshop proved the ransomware risk to the business and helped the executive board understand what could be achieved with the Rubrik solution — a far less expensive option compared to the potential cost of an attack.
Here’s why it worked:
  • Executive participation in a ransomware workshop with an attack simulation helped inform and speed up the decision-making process
  • CDW’s risk analysis gave the customer peace of mind that the cost of a solution was less than the consequential costs of a security breach
  • Rubrik secures the customer’s data wherever it lives — across enterprise, cloud and SaaS
What’s next?
The customer can reduce any cyber incident impact and respond quickly and confidently. CDW is also helping them with a range of other security projects moving forward, including an SEC risk assessment and full pen test.

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2  IBM Ponemon, “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023”

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