Unlock New AI Experiences for Business with Intel and CDW
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Unlock New AI Experiences for Business with Intel and CDW

CDW can help you be ready for what’s next using Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and Intel vPro®.1 Enjoy powerful PCs built for business productivity, featuring out-of-the-box security measures and hardware-based modern management.

Enter a New Era of Business Computing

PCs powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors are ready for anything with a new, holistic approach to performance that powers next-gen use cases and AI workloads, along with improved security features to help keep business running smoothly.

Give your users and your business a boost with AI PCs from Intel, created alongside the broadest ISV ecosystem in the PC processor industry — and minimize threats with multilayered security, including tried-and-true AI-powered threat detection, that starts the instant the user boots up.

Up to


faster web browsing performance with professional-grade speed2


lower risk of major PC-related security events with AI-powered threat detection2

Up to


less power consumed while idle with work-from-anywhere stamina2

The Comprehensive Business PC Experience for Today and Tomorrow

Wherever You Are in Your Device Refresh, We Can Help

CDW can help you start taking advantage of the many benefits of Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and Intel vPro®, designed to help businesses of all sizes navigate the future of security and empower users to connect and collaborate seamlessly. Our experts assess your company’s unique needs and develop a tailored solution for maximum results.

The AI PC for Business is Here

Give your teams the performance they need. CDW has the widest range of new devices powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and Intel vPro®.

Windows 11 Pro and Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors with Intel vPro®

CDW can help you make the transition to Windows 11 Pro and enjoy Intel’s best PC experience to date.

Breakthrough Productivity

Enables long-lasting battery life with speed, flexibility and style and helps you complete real-world tasks up to 59% faster than three-year-old devices, from anywhere.3

Optimized for AI

Take advantage of the broadest AI ISV (100+) ecosystem application enhancements (300+) and Copilot in Windows to complete demanding workloads 42% faster on average.3

Powerful Default Protection

Deploy the most comprehensive hardware and software security foundation that reduces 70% of attack surfaces versus four-year-old devices, resulting in 58% fewer security incidents.3

Easy to Manage

IT gets time back by deploying devices 25% faster, taking 80% fewer help desk calls and forecasting more than $934 in savings over a five-year horizon.3


Request a Consultation

A CDW Intel expert will work with you to understand where you are in your device refresh and AI journeys and build a plan that works for your unique needs. No matter your business size, device type or budget, CDW will design, orchestrate and manage solutions that enable your team to do great work.

To unlock your AI opportunities with a seamless device refresh, take the first step today.

Ways to reach us:

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1 Your results may vary. © Intel Corporation.
2 Intel, “Intel Performance Index,” November 2023. All Intel vPro versions feature an eligible high performing Intel® Core™ processor, supported operating system, Intel LAN and/or WLAN silicon, firmware enhancements, and other hardware and software necessary to deliver the manageability use cases, security features, system performance and stability that define the platform. By validating business PCs against a rigorous specification defined for each product version, Intel vPro delivers tangible advantages for any business user. See www.intel.com/performance-vpro for details.
3 As of March 2023, based on the unrivaled combination of above and below the OS security capabilities, app and data protections, and advanced threat protections Intel vPro delivers for any sized business, as well as Intel’s security first approach to product design, manufacture, and support. All business PCs built on the Intel vPro platform have been validated against rigorous specifications, including unique hardware-based security features. Details at www.intel.com/Performance-vPro. Results may vary.


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