Android Enterprise Essentials

Built by the Android™ team at Google™, Android Enterprise Essentials is a simple, secure management service that protects business devices and data. It offers integrated, automatic security features and easy device setup and management, all at an affordable price. 

Benefits of Android Enterprise Essentials

Simple, Automatic Security

Android Enterprise Essentials automatically applies critical security features, making it easy to protect your business devices and data. Get started with Essentials and know you have strong Google-built protections in place. 

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Easy to Set Up and Manage

With Android Enterprise Essentials, it’s easy to set up and manage business devices, with no action required from you or your employees. Just hand over purchased devices to your employees, and they can get working immediately.

All-in-One Value

Android Enterprise Essentials delivers a critical set of business tools you need without having to worry about managing added complexity. Essentials provides this Google-built service at an affordable price, making it easy to invest in simple security.

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Android for Business

Android has a variety of device types and form factors that can be drop-shipped directly to users. From cloud-based configurations to simple setup for employees, you can enable your organizations to maximize productivity gains with remote setup.

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For more information, contact your CDW Account Manager today.

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