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ChromeOS Devices for Business

Realize your business’s potential with ChromeOS devices. Benefit from powerful, secure and manageable devices built for business. 

Why ChromeOS Devices?

ChromeOS is a cloud-first operating system that provides employees with a modern experience and devices that stay fast, have built-in security, deploy quickly, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Fast Deployment and Enterprise Management

IT can deploy and manage devices remotely with
Chrome Enterprise Upgrade via Google Admin Console.

Built-in and Proactive Security

Built-in device security and updates
deploy automatically or roll out gradually.

Modern Employee Experience, From Anywhere

Every worker gains the ease and flexibility
needed with ChromeOS.

Gain a Competitive Edge - Now and Into the Future

Digital sustainability is a powerful framework for addressing the triple bottom line -the planet, your people, and profitability. Cloud-first devices from ChromeOS help you reduce your environmental footprint, support employee well-being, and optimize technology budgets.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce the negative impact your company and products have on the planet. 46% less energy is consumed with ChromeOS than comparable competitor devices.1

Social Sustainability

Identify and manage the impact your business has on your people. ChromeOS is 36% easier to manage than other operating systems.2

Financial Sustainability

Manage the financial health of your business to ensure short-term success in the present, and minimize risk that could jeopardize future profitability. $463 average cost savings per device with ChromeOS.3

Unlock the Business Capabilities of ChromeOS Devices

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Realize your business’s potential with ChromeOS devices.

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1 - Environmental sustainability information can be found through Science Direct

2 - Social sustainability information can be found through the IDC Business Value Report for Chrome Enterprise

2 - Financial sustainability information can be found through the IDC Hybrid Remote Work Report