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Setup Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Complimentary Trial and Get ChromeOS Flex

Unlock the business potential of your ChromeOS devices

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS for IT to secure, manage and power your workforce. Plus, when you sign up now you can add on ChromeOS Flex at no additional cost. Get the secure, cloud-first, easy-to-manage and fast operating system for your existing PCs and Mac devices.

With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you unlock

  • Scalable, cloud based management
  • 24/7 IT admin support from Google
  • Advanced security
  • Simple management of updates
  • Reporting and insights, including 7-day active metrics and crash reports
  • Granular controls like single sign-on, and identity free login

With ChromeOS Flex, you can enjoy

  • No-cost upgrades for existing PCs and Macs
  • An eco-friendly solution that uses 19% less energy on average1
  • Proactive security the includes blocked executable and sandboxing technology
  • A fast, modern work experience from anywhere

Sign up to get your complimentary Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and receive a kit to modernize your existing PCs and Macs to ChromeOS Flex.2

1- Source: Science Direct (J.Sutton-Parker): Quantifying greenhouse gas abatement delivered by alternative computer operating system displacement strategies, 2022 

2- 30-day trial of the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and enroll up to 50 Chromebooks in your organization.