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September 22, 2023

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How ITSM Automation Supports Innovative Virtual Training

Learn how CDW•G optimized virtual training for military troops with a Classroom as a Service (CaaS) solution and process management services.

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IT organizations need service management solutions

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report a lack of IT service management (ITSM) process automation as a major pain point1

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report lower IT operations costs with a modern, integrated ITSM1

Can automated processes meet new demands?

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Helping an underpowered help desk

When a military training entity required a distance learning program to train cybersecurity personnel, CDW•G developed an enterprise virtual training platform (EVTP) prototype.
The EVTP was so convenient that it quickly grew from 100 users to 3,000 users. However, the deployment of entirely new hardware servers and a software-based training network unleashed a flood of calls to the help desk, which was underpowered by manual processes designed to handle only about 10 calls per day.
Working with CDW•G, the customer determined the following needs for a help desk solution:
  • Easily integrate with the virtual training platform
  • Handle increased call loads without additional support personnel
  • High-resolution security cameras

Automating incident management

CDW•G recommended adding ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) to the hardware and software-bundled purchase, as well as consolidating the disparate IT procurements into a single, purpose-built enterprise training architecture.
This included turnkey delivery services and a ServiceNow instance to perform service management functions and be capable of adding features for hardware and software asset management, aligning with ITIL best practices.
The ServiceNow ITSM help desk module effectively handles incidents, requests, change management, problem management, configuration management and the employee center through its portal. It generates self-service knowledge base articles automatically.
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CDW•G ServiceNow ITSM
Make the move from legacy help desk and IT ticketing systems to fully automated IT services with cloud-based ITSM. ServiceNow ITSM centralizes IT service process management, but getting it up and running quickly can be a huge undertaking. CDW•G helps you consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating processes.
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No more manual tracking

With support from CDW•G, the customer can now offer a highly available digital learning platform that can be used locally, within the training facility and remotely by other cybersecurity personnel, which saves time and money on travel expenses. The cloud-based ServiceNow ITSM help desk enables quick response times for over 3,000 users without additional support personnel.
Here’s why it worked:
  • The EVTP establishes a state-of-the-art training environment for practical, hands-on lessons and significantly reduces the training time for personnel to gain “real world” experience in cybersecurity daily operations.
  • ServiceNow’s automated processes eliminate manual tracking and efficiently and conveniently organize requestor information.
  • Enhanced on-premises capabilities allow users to access training from anywhere with any device that meets the customer’s access criteria.
What’s next?
The military entity’s cybersecurity students can hit the ground running and provide value to their service branch on day one.

1 Enterprise Strategy Group, “Modern IT Service Management: Widespread Adoption Yields Major Benefits Despite Complexity,” 2023

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