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Thwart SCADA System Cyberthreats

Dependable SCADA security protects utility infrastructures.
December 11, 2019

SCADA systems are becoming increasingly interconnected with IT systems and the IoT as energy and utility companies strive to improve efficiency and profitability through greater automation and better data analytics. While interconnectivity delivers substantial benefits, it also dramatically raises network vulnerability to cyberattack – especially when the influx of mobile devices, the growing reliance on the cloud and the prevalence of highly sophisticated security threats are added into the mix.

To manage the escalating risk and protect this critical infrastructure, you need a comprehensive, multilayered strategy that encompasses threat checks and security assessments, as well as technologies such as next-gen firewalls, multifactor authentication, enterprise device management and network monitoring.

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Considerations for Protecting Critical Infrastructure:

Safeguarding your valuable infrastructure, network and data assets is essential to preventing costly data theft, operations disruption and equipment damage. Ask yourself:

  • In what ways have you begun integrating your SCADA systems with your IT systems?
  • Do your SCADA components have integrated security protocols?
  • How quickly do you think you could detect a cyberattack if and when one should occur?
  • Have you migrated any data or applications to the cloud?
  • Do you have a security policy that is consistently enforced, even with vendors, suppliers and contractors?
  • Do you conduct regular cybersecurity awareness training for all employees?


Combatting today’s pervasive cyberthreats demands an integrated, multifaceted approach. You need the ability to defend your SCADA infrastructure, network and data against threats; detect and respond quickly when attacks occur; remediate effectively post-attack to ensure uninterrupted operations; and comply with international and national requirements.

CDW Security Assessment
Security Assessment

Managing risk begins with a clear understanding of SCADA environment vulnerabilities. A thorough security assessment includes:

  • Physical security audit
  • Risk analysis of network-connected assets and applications
  • Standards-based operational framework gap analysis
  • Compliance assessment
CDW Security Design and Architecture
Security Design and Architecture

To thwart attacks and minimize the impact should an attack occur requires security for every layer of the SCADA system and network as well as endpoint devices. This includes:

  • Breach containment
  • Identity and access management
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Enterprise device management
CDW Threat Check
Threat Check

Active malware detection takes threat prevention to the next level by determining the most critical risks your network faces. The threat check encompasses:

  • Passive network monitoring
  • Endpoint monitoring
  • Detection of infected clients
  • Detection of botnets
CDW Support and Services

CDW supports you every step of the way, from initial risk assessment to selecting and supporting the right solutions. Our security services include:

  • Network, security device, firewall and router remote configuration
  • Configuration review of various platforms
  • Cloud-based Security Information and Event
  • Management (SIEM)
  • Security remediation planning and roadmap

We Get the Right Solutions Need the Right Partners

CDW’s trusted partnerships with leading technology providers, combined with in-depth expertise, means CDW can orchestrate a highly effective security solution tailored to your needs.

Learn how CDW can help your energy organization thwart SCADA attacks.