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The Process of Protecting Your Connected Networks from Cyberattack
May 17, 2021

Energy and utility companies need comprehensive visibility and control over interconnected SCADA networks in order to balance user access with critical infrastructure security. To achieve this goal, you need to strategically plan each stage of your technology journey.

A Guide to Mapping Your SCADA Security Journey


Gap Analysis

Conducting a gap analysis is a critical first step to improving risk management.

  • Measure your SCADA security practices against the NIST SP 800-82 cybersecurity framework.
  • Identify gaps in compliance in key areas such as access control, password change management and physical security.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on a clear understanding of your environment.
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Develop a mitigation strategy to remediate the weaknesses identified through the gap analysis.

  • Properly document all risks.
  • Develop comprehensive policies and procedures to strengthen security.
  • Create playbooks to ensure consistent compliance with established security standards and in cyberattack responses.
  • Optimize existing security tools or acquire new ones as needed, such as automated vulnerability assessment and reporting, password management and network access control.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Continually reevaluate your security tools and risks to protect against cyberthreats and determine how to maximize resource allocation.

  • Conduct regular penetration testing to track emerging vulnerabilities.
  • Install all security patches on a timely basis.
  • Provide security training to all employees on a consistent basis.
  • Repeat a gap analysis/review on an annual basis.

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Learn more about how CDW can help you proactively protect your SCADA system against escalating cyberthreats.

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Learn more about how CDW can help you proactively protect your SCADA system against escalating cyberthreats.

Contact your account team, or give us a call.

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